Dog owners irate after finding cayenne pepper dumped on neighbourhood lawns

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Pet owners in Seattle are furious over the actions a property manager has taken to keep dogs off her lawn.  Cayenne pepper was intentionally dumped all over the lawn to send a message to pet owners that failure to pick up after their dogs would not be tolerated.  The problem is that the pepper , in such quantities, is quite dangerous for dogs and has resulted in at least one dog sustaining burns to the pads of her feet that required veterinary attention.

Fredda Starr is the property manager of the “Greenwood Court Manor” apartments, and she says she did not mean to hurt any animals.  “I do love dogs, but I don’t like all the poo that they leave over the ground,” said Starr, who did agree to stop and to dilute the pepper avoid harming the dogs.  In addition to spreading the pepper, Starr left the empty containers scattered around the area rather than putting them in the trash.

Pepper is not a toxic substance but can cause problems for animals who ingest or walk on it.  “It upsets the stomach, burns the inside and may cause a little diarrhea,” said Dr. Zile Singh, a veterinarian at Greenwood Animal Hospital.

Gujral Wallace, the owner of the dog that was harmed was outraged, saying “It’s absolutely despicable, their intentions is what scares me,” and asking “How does that even get into your head? Are you that evil?”  Her dog, who is named Buddha, suffered burns on her legs and incurred several hundred dollars in vet bills.   If this had happened to a smaller dog, it could have been much more serious.   Wallace says she is going to rally local residents to do a better job of keeping the area clean of pet waste.

204 thoughts on “Dog owners irate after finding cayenne pepper dumped on neighbourhood lawns”

  1. Any repsonsible dog owner should know that it is proper etiquette to pick up after their pets. Punish the owner not the dogs!! If it is illegal to poo in said grass, why not install camera’s and fine the ones that break the laws instead of punishing ALL of the dogs and their owners?

  2. I’m sorry for the dog who got sick. But for the record, it isn’t just the excrement left behind. When I walk my dog, I don’t let him “trespass” on the lawns of others. It infuriates me when people walking their dogs on or off leash let their dogs go onto other’s property to do their business: pee or poop. Regardless of whether they pick it up (which is of course better and the law), it is NOT ok to let your dogs go all over other’s property.

    Perhaps the dogs in this instance live in the apartment complex and have a right to be there. Then. – pick it up folks! Irresponsible dog owners ruin it fir the rest of us and lead to thereto being fewer places where dog’s are legally allowed.

  3. Why is the property owner the bad guy??? People shouldn’t let their dogs wander on other people’s lawns. What makes it ok to let your dog crap on someone else property whether you clean it up or not.

    • When I complained to my Property Management Team about dog owners purposely walking their dogs onto my lawn to take a poop and leave it, Property Management emailed me paper work to vacate their property. So much for trying to do the right thing.

  4. I hate when dog owners leave their dog to poo on other’s yards; i most definately agree with the property manager; a few minutes ago i see my neighbor’s dog crapping in MY YARD-not theirs…and why? because the dog owners are internally leaving scraps of food on the upper left border of my yard- and where dogs eat they will usually crap; so this is what i have to deal wth -they breed dogs and let them run free as if they own my property as well; i have called animal control about 6 times within the past 2 years-i believe they are related or friends which is my assumption-and guess what not only do i have 1 neighbor who let their dogs use my yard as a toilet but another neighbor two doors down who collect stray dogs but do not feed them and let them roam the neighborhood so they can knock over my garbage can 2-3 times a week; i am at my wits end-i want to put red peeper on the border of my yard as well but i dont want to be sued; i have even confronted my neighbor about this and just suggested that they would keep their dogs from crapping in my yard as well as jumping in my kids pool-what did these animal loving
    people say: ” they’re animals-we cant control where our dogs do their business or if they get hot and go into your kids pool!” ” its in a dogs nature, we have to let our dogs out everyday so they can get exercise” and i responded by” but this is my yard and you’re telling me you wont keep your dogs out of my yard?”
    response: ” they’re dogs”
    so as soon as my husband gets home im picking up red pepper, citrus oil, vinegar, ammonia and whatever else will keep these stupid peoples animals out of my yard,ive done all i can do-

    • I’m with you. I picked up Cayenne Pepper last weekend and sprinkled it around the borders of my front yard. Everyday my husband was finding piles in our yard and it’s beyond ridiculous. We have a dog and she stays in our back yard behind the fence and we clean up after her every single day. But we have some neighbors that could care less. They just let their dogs run free, which is illegal and dangerous. And then you have the ones who walk their dogs and just let them use other peoples yards as their personal toilets and then walking away without cleaning it up. We’ve actually confronted people doing this and literally shoved plastic bags in their faces to make them do it or they risk getting reported to the HOA about it. So homeowners such as myself, who keep their yards nice and work hard on it have to take action somehow. And so far, it’s working. Sprinkling, not dumping, seems to do the trick. The smell alone is supposed to be a deterrent and so far, so good.

      • thank you for the good tip, I also put water bottles at the end of my yard, my yard is filled with dog poop and I ‘m just so sick of it

  5. If an owner don’t understand how to curb their dog then I will.its my lawn and I have no pets but am an animal lover.i don’t want waist on my shoes because of dumb ass owners.pepper or mothballs is what I use to fix the problems that start trouble with me.this way I can enjoy the animals at a distance and they learn to stay away from my

  6. I would hate to see harm done or do harm to any animals EVER! However, I believe the intent is to keep offenders off of the grass since their human owners don’t love them enough to clean up after them or care enough about fellow residents to stop being offensive. There are always those few that make it bad for the responsible pet owners, and they are at fault for any injuries sustained. Maybe hefty, unnecessary vet bills will get the message across that it’s time to be responsible as well as make others think before walking away or the next experience may not be pleasurable.


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