Dog reunited with owner after a decade apart

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Nicole Banks never thought she’d see her beloved dog Juno again. It had been a decade since she had last seen her dog when Banks got the surprise of her life.

Banks’ former husband had told her that Juno had been hit and killed by a car. She was devastated. “This was my dog,” said Banks. “I was a mess, it was maybe a month before Christmas.” A decade has passed since Banks was told her dog had been killed. Then she got an unexpected phone call.

Someone brought Juno to the Buddy Center in Castle Rock, Colorado. That’s when it was discovered Juno had a microchip with Bank’s information. “I saw that he was micro chipped,” said Andrew Acree, a technician at the Buddy Center. “I saw that he was registered to somebody who was totally different than who had the dog.”

When Banks received a phone call from the Buddy Center informing her they had her dog she almost dropped the phone. “I wasn’t sure if I was awake. I just couldn’t believe it,” said Banks. Juno had never been hit by a car. Banks’ former husband had in fact given Juno away. Now Banks and Juno are reunited and Banks couldn’t be happier, “He’s home for good.”

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  1. It is shocking to me just how cruel some people are and how low they are willing go just to inflict pain in someone else. I am so sorry that Nicole and Juno were robbed of a decade together, it simply breaks my heart. I hope that Juno continues to live a much longer healthy life so that he and Nicole will have much more time together.

    Meanwhile, my evil twin would like to pay a visit to a certain ex-husband…….

    What a POS!

  2. What kind of sorry ass prick lies to someone like that and tells them their dog got killed? What a pathetic loser the ex is.

  3. a friend just adopted a dog from a shelter whose “mom” fought for custody of her in an ugly divorce because the “dad” wanted her. immediately following the divorce her wonderful “mom” dumped her at a shelter to get even w/ “dad” & he is totally unaware 🙁

  4. What I’d like to know is the distance between where the dog was living with its mom, and where it was brought to the vet ten years later.
    A good plug for microchips. For short term the ID tag rules, but no tag could have accomplished this feat.


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