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Dog Reunited with Owner after Walking Hundreds of Miles

by Katherine

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Ignacio (Nacho) Etchetchury reunites with his dog Negro after two months.
Ignacio (Nacho) Etchetchury reunites with his dog Negro after two months.


Last week we brought you the story of Jefferson, a dog whose actual name is Negro and who joined four English men walking from Mendoza, Argentina, to Sao Paulo, Brazil, for the 2014 Soccer World Cup Games. The British soccer aficionados thought the dog was homeless but in reality, Jefferson – as the soccer fans call him – has a rightful owner and he had been looking for his dog all along. Well, on Sunday, June 8, 2014, Jefferson/Negro was reunited with Ignacio (Nacho) Etchetchury in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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Adam Burns, David Bewick, Pete Johnston and Ben Olsen started their walk to the world cup in March, and while they crossed Uruguay during April, they met Negro. The canine followed them for miles, and after they fell in love with the dog – who they all thought was homeless – the men decided to care for the canine and bring their four-legged friend along for their walk to the world cup.

Jefferson spent two months traveling with the English men across South America, and when Nacho learned the whereabouts of his lost pet, he immediately contacted the soccer fans through Facebook letting them know that their canine companion was his dog and his name was Negro.

The five men made plans to meet in Porto Alegre, Brazil to make the reunion happen and the emotional meeting was caught on tape. You can watch it here:


Negro walked 463 miles from Solís, Uruguay, to Porto Alegre, Brazil (based on Google maps), and there, he finally reconnected with his loving owner.

Nacho said he was speechless and is eternally grateful to the four British men for taking care of his pet for two months. All this time Nacho thought his dog was either lost or dead, when in reality he was just out for the walk of his life.

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