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Dog Sacrifices Own Life Defending Owner from Sharks

by Katherine

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At Johns Creek Harbor, Australia, a dog that was once homeless and malnourished went from being stray and lonely, to loved and spoiled. Everyone at the harbor loved the stray, but for Franz Van Derpoll, the lonely dog went from being the community pet to becoming his best friend and life savior.

The stray dog was named Sky and she became Derpoll’s constant companion.

“She was with me 24/7,” Derpol told told The West Australian. “If I was driving a fork lift to work she was on the fork lift. If I went out on the boat doing passenger runs she was on the boat with me.”

Sky. Photo Credit: Kate Freegard
Sky. Photo Credit: Kate Freegard


On one afternoon the inseparable duo headed out to catch some fresh fish. As usual Derpoll dove into the water looking for the perfect catch, what he didn’t know was that there were two sharks nearby circling him.

When he realized he was in danger he decided to go around his boat and get back on for safety, but by this time his loyal friend Sky had perceived her best friend was in danger and had dove in to defend him.

Sadly, the sharks took Sky’s life, but if it wasn’t for her brave actions, Derpoll’s family and friends would be mourning him instead.

“She probably decided to jump over the side to protect me and when I came up from my second dive there was lots of blood in the water and no dog,” said Derpoll. “I had two good years with her in the end but sometimes I wish it was me and not her.”

Sky is no longer in the physical world but her presence will never be forgotten. There is a special plaque hanging at Johns Creek Harbor, in memory of Sky.