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Dog saves owner from carbon monoxide poisoning just in time


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A woman from Germantown, Maryland is alive today thanks to her Boston Terrier Kayla. As Christy Williamson’s condo filled with poisonous carbon monoxide gas Kayla woke her up just in time.

Tuesday night a car was left running in the garage beneath her apartment. Williamson’s condo was quickly filling up with carbon monoxide as she slept. That’s when Kayla came and woke her up. As Williamson tried to get up out of bed she started to weave as she walked. Feeling nauseous and falling a few times she managed to call 911. “I know that the answers that I gave them (were confused). I kept thinking oh my God, what is my address? How old am I? What is my name? And then I realized that this is serious, that I can’t answer these questions easily,” said Williamson.

Help arrived just in time as doctors told Williamson five more minutes and she wouldn’t of made it out alive. Williamson is luckily here today all thanks to Kayla. “This is my angel, this is my baby girl,” said Williamson. “She knew something was wrong and she was trying to tell her mommy to wake up. She saved my life, and probably, the life of many other people in my condo complex because no one else called.”  The experience has made Williamson realize how important carbon monoxide detectors are for the home. “It’s such an inexpensive investment.”