Dog Saves Owner’s from Dying Stuck in Mud

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A man in Ohio is alive today thanks to his dog. The man went duck hunting and took his four-legged friend along. The pet owner ventured into a muddy lake and got tapped, luckily his dog was right by his side and provided the man with a life line.

The hunter wanted to place a duck decoy in the lake but had no clue that entering the muddy waters would put his life at risk. Submerged in the  lake, the man’s legs got trapped in the heavy mud. He couldn’t free his legs and had to figure out a way to call for help.



The hunter’s dog patiently waited for his master’s return to shore, but with each passing minute the dog grew worried. Luckily for the hunter, he had his cell phone with him and  was able to call authorities.

When rescuers arrived, they realized  they too would get stuck in the mud if they tried to reach the man, but the dog was the only one able to swim without getting stuck. Rescuers tied a rope to the pet’s harness and had him reach his owner, that’s how the dog became the hunter’s only life line.



Once the dog reached his owner, the hunter untied the rope, secured it to his body and waited for a rescuer to reach him. The rescuer was also tied to the rope and with the help of others back on safe land, the trapped hunter was pulled from the mud.

If it wasn’t for the heroic dog, the hunter would have spent more time in the frigid waters while rescuers devised a plan to reach him without getting themselves trapped in the mud too.

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  1. People, when you mean to use a noun in its plural form, you add an ‘s’: one dog, two dogs. The use of an apostrophe with an s indicates the possessive form: Sharon’s two dogs. Pay attention in class. Or hire a proofreader.

  2. it happens in alaska every year,people walk out on the mud flats in cook inlet and get stuck .its like quick sand.the main problem here is they go out on the mud when the tide is out .then they get stuck and then the tide starts coming back in.once they tried to pull a person out with a helicopter ?????that was not a good idea he did not make it in one piece he did not make it at all .i dont think they tried to recover his legs and lower bodie???we have sighns up here saying do not walk on the mud flats .but ????


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