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Dog Stranded on Roof Reunited with Owner

by Melanie

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Photo by Troy Wayrynen


A dog found wandering on top of the roof of a home in Vancouver, Washington has been rescued and reunited with his owner.

When Sgt. 1st Class Bennett Muasau got home from dropping his wife off at work on Monday, he noticed that one of his dogs was missing. He scoured his neighborhood for the four-year-old Chihuahua mix called Brownie, but sadly had to go to work without knowing where his dog had gone. There was little he could do at the time, so his teenage son and daughter continued the search with their other dog, seven-year-old border collie, Cutie.

They’re part of our family,” Bennett said. “They’re just like other kids.”

He plastered his Facebook wall with photos of Brownie, and even slept on the front porch that night, hoping to catch sight of him.

It’s kind of weird, but that’s the way I am,” Bennett said. “My dog’s out there and I don’t know where he’s at … I was afraid that he might get run over by a car.”

By Tuesday morning, Bennett found out where Brownie went. He had traveled five blocks north and was found trotting on top of a rooftop. Homeowner Barry Klettke reported the incident, and a Clark County Animal Control officer responded. The officer was able to lure Brownie to him using chunks of hot dog.

Photo by Troy Wayrynen
Photo by Troy Wayrynen


The unusual story made waves in the news, and everyone wondered who the little dog was.

The funny thing, my brother-in-law in California is the one that sent us the link saying, ‘Hoping this is Brownie,’ ” Bennett said.

He only needed to glance at the photo on the screen to know who it was.

I instantly knew it was him,” he said. “It just made my day.”

Bennett said Brownie has been known to break out from six-foot tall fences, but has no idea how he managed to scale a roof. Klettke believes he may have snuck into his garage and climbed onto the roof via second-story patio.

Brownie was not wearing his collar at the time, so it was fortunate that a relative had seen the story.

Every weekend, we give him a bath and my son forgot to put his collar back on,” Bennett explained.

He and his children were overjoyed to be reunited with their little escape artist at the Humane Society.

I’m just glad that there’s a lot of us — people that love their animals,” Bennett said. “I feel that I would do the same for anybody. I want to make sure to return the favor one day.”