Dog Tied to a Tree with Garden Hose Has Chance of Survival

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When Kaleigh Wetrich went for a walk with friends along the wooded area in north Oak Cliff County, Dallas, Texas, she never expected to find an abandoned dog, but she did. The 6- to 8-month-old Boxer mix was emaciated and cruelly tied to a tree with a garden hose. He was deliberately left there to die.

Wetrich heard a faint bark coming from the woods. She followed the noise and found the innocent dog.

“I can’t just leave a living creature to die like that,” Wetrich told Fox News.



According to authorities, the dog that now goes by name Lucky was probably abandoned in the forest for at least a week prior to being found. Local rescue group, Apollo Rescue, saved Lucky as soon as Wetrich reported the incident.

Lucky was tied with a heavy garden hose and there was no food or water left for him. Rescuers say that he was close to organ failure but luckily he was found in time to save his life.

According to Steve Basham of Apollo Rescue, Lucky has a chance at survival. The rescue group is caring for the canine while local authorities try to build a case against the dog’s previous owner.

Finding whoever abandoned Lucky in the woods and charging the person(s) with animal cruelty will be a difficult task. The dog was left in a field with no address and there are no witnesses to this event.

Authorities encourage anyone with information to this crime to come forward.


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  1. People are stupid. You can take the dog to a shelter and go “here, I don’t want him/her” and they’ll take it and try to find a home! You hauled a dog and a heavy garden hose out in the woods instead! That’s physically more difficult than putting the dog in your car and driving! Morons!

  2. Why? What is this world coming to. I hope the sick freak of a person gets what he/she deserves. Help find the dog a home if you don’t want it anymore.
    Just breaks my heart. Tie a hose up to their neck and watch them die.

  3. Just think that this kind of person could be your friend, co worker, neighbor, church member. They don’t have a sign on them stating they love to kill animals, they look like your normal person. This is disgusting to think how real this is that it could be one of those people. Hopefully someone will come up to the plate and “spill the beans” on whomever did this. They will meet their MAKER one day and how do you think they will try to explain their actions?

  4. He is a beauty….he will find a loving REAL home and the jerk who did this to him will have an unfortunate accident. Very soon. Just reading the tea leaves.


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