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Dog Trapped in Tunnel for 45 Days Gets Rescued

by Katherine

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In Vélez-Málaga, Spain, a dog believed to be a Labrador mix, had been trapped in a tunnel for more than a month with no way out. Fortunately, a concerned local and animal lover named Quique decided to make it his goal to rescue the dog.

Quique trapped in the tunnel.
Quique trapped in the tunnel.


The dog had been abandoned in the tunnel for more than a month and half, and local authorities or firefighters could have easily rescued the pet, but no one wanted to cover the cost of the rescue mission.

When Quique saw the dog in deplorable health conditions – malnourished, infested with fleas, and with a deep laceration on its neck – the young man decided to take action.

Quique placed food at the tunnel’s opening to lure the dog out. Once the dog came out, he blocked the tunnel’s entrance. After a few failed attempts, Quique was able to grab a hold of the canine and pull him to safety.

The canal leading to the tunnel was collecting water and if the dog wasn’t rescued in time, he could have easily drowned.

The canine was named after his hero rescuer, Quique, and is now receiving medical attention at a local veterinarian hospital. Quique the dog is looking for a forever home with loving owners that will never abandon him again.