Dog Who Spent Four Years Chained to Tree is Rescued

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10.3.13 - Chained GS Rescued

An Ohio man was charged with animal cruelty for keeping his German Shepherd chained to a tree for four years.

The dog, who was originally named Toby by owner Jeremy Shane Temple, has been renamed Joseph in tribute to the biblical man who was left for dead and later became an Egyptian ruler.

Middletown police and volunteers from the Public Animal Welfare Society found Joseph with very little food or water. He had been starved, weighing only half of the 100 pounds that would be normal for him.

PAWS volunteer Meg Melampy said he is missing teeth from eating bricks and rocks out of desperation, and has heartworm and a serious ear infection. He was also being devoured by fleas.

“When I gave him a bath, the blood just ran off of him,” Melampy said.

Officers said witnesses had seen Joseph tied up outside, and believed he was sick.

“They told us that it was a disease that he had,” neighbor Ron Allman said of the Temples’ explanation.

When Jeremy Temple was arrested, a family member asked Allman to vouch for them and say the dog hadn’t been abused.

“She wanted us to write a sort of note…that we never saw anyone mistreat the dog…so we did,” Allman said.

When Temple was asked about the dog’s pitiful condition by the arresting officer, he responded, “the dog is not a human.”

He was fined a mere $25 for the abuse, hardly a punishment, and is due in court on October 14. It is unknown if he will face a harsher penalty.

Joseph is expected to make a complete recovery, and will hopefully find himself a good home.

“He’s feeling a little better now, a little more perky,” West Chester Veterinary Clinic manager Michael Gigis said.




14 thoughts on “Dog Who Spent Four Years Chained to Tree is Rescued”

  1. The owner should rot in prison. Or hell. Whichever. But those of you who think the neighbor is just as guilty… well, I think the only thing he’s truly guilty of is ignorance. It seems like he asked about the dogs condition; he just believed the lying POS owner when told the dog had a disease. Especially considering he’s an elderly gentleman I think people should give him the benefit of the doubt that he honestly was just gullible and believed the wrong person’s BS. And before anyone accuses me of not caring or whatever, I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a snake. I’m an animal lover and would kick the s**t out of anyone I saw treat any animal like that. I just happen to believe that people are generally decent too…

  2. Jeremy Shane Temple I hope you get everything you have coming to you!! You look like a little punk that needs to suffer And trust me, you will!!! If I were you I’d watch my back you peice of shit!!! I hope you or soneone you love feels the pain you caused this beautiful animal to endure for 4 long years!!! You are the lowest scum if the earth and just looking at your ugly face makes me sick!! I don’t know you but I hate you for what you did!!! Your day is coming scumbag!


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