Dog with Gang Tattoo Rescued in Los Angeles

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peteyPetey is a pit bull that has undergone trauma that no puppy should have to endure. Found abandoned and tied to a pole a woman came to his rescue and brought him to ROMP Rescue where they discovered that Petey’s underside was covered with a gang tattoo.

Petey was found about a month ago tied to a pole outside a donut shop in Lomita, California. The woman who found him called police for help, but help never came. So she provided the dog with food and water. When at the end of the day no one had come to help she took him and home and to a veterinarian to be checked out.

“He was crying,” said Randy with ROMP Rescue. “She saw him and she called the police and they said they would call animal control. Neither one ever showed up.”

The woman was unable to keep Petey permanently so she reached out to ROMP Rescue and Randy came to take Petey. Once back at ROMP he noticed markings on Petey’s belly and thought he might have ringworm. When he shaved Petey’s belly he was shocked by what he found.

A tattoo that lists the name of a “set” of a Los Angeles-area gang covers most of Petey’s underside.

“I’m speechless,” said Randy. “I can’t understand why they would do that. The pain involved is obviously more than any puppy should have to endure.”

ROMP Rescue fears the tattoo isn’t the only pain Petey has endured. Although he is great around people he gets angry and nervous around other dogs. They hope to find him a home in the future, but for now he’s not ready for one.

“His legs just shake,” said Randy. “He’s afraid of the world.”

A fund has been set up for Petey’s training and care. Donations can be made here.

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  1. Was there any need to make that video – the dog clearly looks distressed and any/all human contact made from this point on should be that or love and care not not to give the dog any more reason to dis-trust human contact.

  2. Whats wrong with the Video ? The dog is playing with his leach… He isnt even scared of the people around him. Like the article sais… The dog is fine around people its other dogs he dis-trusts or is afraid of… Beautiful dog though!!

  3. Humans need to understand that the dog cannot give informed consent. This had to be horribly painful for him and he knew it as punishment, not as anything else but pain. He’s happy now, which is a Godsend and hopefully in time can be rehabilitated. As for the scum that did this to him….hopefully they will wind up six feet under anyway….

  4. while I find it sad that he was abandoned
    a tattoo on a dog is not painful before microchips dogs were routinely tattooed with he owners info in case they were lost There were tattoo registries so your dog could be returned to you if found.. in fact some of them still exsist I have watched many dogs be tattooed and trust me it does not hurt them most of them just lie there and have their ears scratched while it is being done

    • We are not talking about a small number tattooed inside the dog’s ear. This poor dog was forced to lie still so someone could tattoo a large tattoo on his abdomen. Do you have any tattoo’s? If you do then you know there is pain or discomfort involved. I know there is pain involved, I have 15 plus tattoos. The difference is I chose to get those tattoos, this poor dog did not. I hope Petey can find a loving furever home!!

  5. Tattoos hurt. I have a large one around my belly button which is one if the most sensitive areas to get one. There are many nerve endings around the naval that I never knew existed until I decided I loved the look. WOW!!! Too late I already started and had to go through two touch ups besides my first visit!!! TATOOS HURT!!!


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