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Dolton Animal Hospital under Investigation After Dead Dogs Found

by Katherine

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On Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014, a Dolton, Ill., police officer made a gruesome discovery at Dolton Animal Hospital. When the officer arrived to drop off a stray dog he had just picked up he discovered four dead dogs in the facility.

Upon arrival, the officer smelled a foul odor and after investigating, he found four dead dogs in the building’s unfinished basement. The deceased animals were all in¬†different stages of decomposition.

One of the 9 gods rescued from Dolton Animal Hospital.


Aside from the dead pets, there were also 9 other malnourished dogs and a cat. The basement reeked from the urine and feces covering the floors. The unfinished room had stacked caged and the animals had no access to food or water.

“There was a certain amount of neglect going on in this facility,” the lead police investigator told WGN News. “Some of the dogs were close to dying. I don’t know I’m not a vet, but they are not doing very well.”

From the nine surviving dogs, two have owners and were being boarded at the facility. The rest are strays. All surviving animals were transferred to the Animal Welfare League for treatment until police finish their investigation.

No arrests have been made yet, but a hospital staff member is being questioned and police are trying to contact the hospital’s owner.