Emotional Reunion of Owner and Her Lost Dog

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Windy got lost after one of her owners accidentally left a door open. The pet owner, Sarah Carroll, posted flyers and looked for her pet, but after searching for months and coming empty handed, Carroll convinced herself her dog was forever gone. The pet owner imagined her dog was either hit by a car and killed, or picked up by dog fighters and used as a bait dog. However, Garland Animal Services gave Carroll the surprise of her life when they called to tell her Windy had been found and was waiting for her at the shelter. The pet had a registered microchip, and thanks to it, the reunion was made possible. Here is the emotional reunion caught on video.

53 thoughts on “Emotional Reunion of Owner and Her Lost Dog”

  1. This happened to me and after two months I truly had given up hope. Microchips are the way to go – 80% of all dogs that come into a shelter have lost their collars – don’t rely on a name tag!!!

  2. It is also worth it to have your vet scan your dogs microchip to see what information comes up.
    Updates are so necessary 🙂


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