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Eukanuba Dog Food Reviews

by Lilly

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There is no doubt that you want the best for your dog. As the owner of a pure-bred puppy or dog, finding the right kind of food specially formulated to cater to your dog’s particular breed can be more than just challenging. Thankfully, this Eukanuba dog food review will give you some insight into one of the best-known dog food brands for pure-bred dogs.

A Small History of Eukanuba Dog Foods

According to the Eukanuba website, the company was founded in 1969, and the name was inspired by the founder’s love for Jazz. The founder, Paul Lams, adopted the name Eukanuba from the Jazz-oriented lingo that was emerging at the time. Eukanuba meant “top of the game,” “supreme,” “unmatched” – you can pick your choice of adjectives denoting “the best.”

That is precisely what Eukanuba high-quality dog food products have become, the best in the field. Not only does the company use the best ingredients but they also use the best recipes and maintain the highest possible hygiene and safety standards when formulating, making and handling their dog foods.

Eukanuba is so focused on maintaining high standards that it’s one of the few dog food brands that have no listed recalls according to the FDA. That should give you confidence in the fact that your puppy will be getting nothing but the best.

Eukanuba Dog Food Review

However, as is the case with every good thing, there are certain aspects that you need to consider, and Eukanuba is not an exception to that rule. With over a dozen different recipes and dry dog food products on the market, finding the best option for your particular pure-bred dog is still going to require some research.

Today, we are going to look at some of the best dog foods Eukanuba has to offer for different types of dogs:

Eukanuba Puppy Growth Food

If you have a puppy that will grow to be anywhere between 5-70 pounds, then the Eukanuba Puppy Growth Food is the right kind of dog food for that puppy. This bag is suitable for small breed dogs such as Poodles, Dachshunds, and even Huskies.



  • It has at least 29% protein which makes it perfect for the development of your puppy’s muscles and body in general
  • It contains fish oil as part of its ingredients which is a good source of DHA that goes to ensuring your puppy has an excellent cerebral function
  • It has naturally preserved chicken fat that brings 18 calories to the table and supplies your puppy with the right amount of energy for those long walks in the park
  • It has 2% calcium which is awesome for excellent bone density and growth
  • This bag is loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants that help your puppy to develop a strong immune system


  • It’s not gluten-free because it’s made with corn
  • It contains some milled chicken by-products

This is one of the best options if you have a growing pure-bred puppy with lots of energy.

Eukanuba Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food

Specifically formulated for your adult Labrador, the Eukanuba Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food is a breed specific chicken meal that goes a long way in making your Labrador happier, more energetic and healthier.



  • Part of the ingredients includes real chicken which gives this food 23% protein; perfect for helping your Labrador grow big and strong
  • It is made from a super-special formula that is geared towards providing the right kind of nutrition for Labradors of all sizes from 50 -120 pounds
  • It’s very easy to use as the feeding instructions are right on the bag and simple enough to follow
  • It contains L-Carnitine that helps your Labrador fight potential heart diseases
  • This kibble is specifically formulated to help fight the tartar that might accumulate on your big dog’s teeth, and this ensures that your Labrador has excellent dental health
  • It has a healthy dose of chondroitin that does wonders for your dog’s joints
  • It contains a great deal of Vitamin E that acts together with a good dose of zinc which goes a long way in making sure that your lab’s coat is sleek and as gorgeous as you like it to be


  • Contains milled by-products

While it’s true that this dog food does contain quite a bit of milled by-products, you should know that these by-products are not used as fillers but rather as a source of chondroitin and glucosamine. Both these substances are crucial for your dog’s joint health, especially so in larger dog breeds such as Labradors.

Eukanuba Premium Active Adult Dry Dog Food

The Eukanuba Premium Active Adult Dry Dog Food is the perfect blend for energetic, grown-dogs of all shapes and sizes. It’s even perfect for working dogs. Additionally, it’s formulated for dogs that typically have a higher energy demand such as nursing dogs or pregnant ones.



  • Because this food is formulated for dogs with higher energy demands, it has 30% protein to help your athletic dog keep up its high tempo and energy
  • Although it has elevated calcium levels, they are still maintained at a healthy 1.1% which is good for your dog’s bones
  • It has a 20% fat content that comes from real chicken that just so happens to be naturally preserved
  • It contains healthy doses of Vitamin E which ensures that your energetic dog has a healthy and shiny coat
  • Because your energetic dog will be using its limbs a lot, the food has a healthy dose of glucosamine which works wonders for joints; this is particularly important for longer limbed canines


  • It contains some milled by-products and grains which means that it’s not suitable for dogs that have gluten issues

As the name promises, Eukanuba delivers nothing but the best dog foods for every specific dog breed be it a large dog or a small-bodied one. It also has a vast assortment of puppy foods to ensure that your furry little friend grows up with the right kind of nutrition needed for the healthiest bone structure, limb integrity as well as coat health.