Family Adopts Fallen Soldier’s Dog

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Army Staff Sergeant and dog handler James Ide the Fifth, 32, was killed in action in Afghanistan in August.

At the time of his death, his dog, Daphne was at his side, and his family requested permission to adopt her shortly thereafter. Their wish became reality last week in an emotional ceremony that saw the Belgian Malinois offered to the family in honor of their son’s sacrifice.

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30 thoughts on “Family Adopts Fallen Soldier’s Dog”

  1. Its fantastic that they got daphne!!! As for how long it took. Daphne was a military dog, which means she had extensive training and they probably needed to be sure she was fit to live civilian life first.

  2. Great story, but please someone, make certain the dog is tagged, and preferably inserted with the tiny ID, for identifying purposes should the dog get out. Couldn’t bare another story of a dog dying needlessly in a pound!

  3. @ Nicole Pelkey Daphne was still in service and only just now retired to family life. And yes the reporter was TOTALLY saying her name wrong. Let’s hope her new family will heal with her help.


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