Family Not Even Allowed to Say Goodbye to Innocent Dog Sentenced to Death

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7.18.16 - Family Not Allowed to Say Goodbye to Dog Sentenced to Death5


Another pit bull-type dog discriminated against, another family torn apart by a death sentence, this time in Northern Ireland.  Hank, described as lazing for 90 percent of the day and playing the other 10 percent, was taken by police while the family wasn’t home, and now they’ve threatened to kill him without even letting them say goodbye.  Let’s do everything we can to help.

Thankfully, more municipalities around the States are realizing that breed specific legislation doesn’t work.  It doesn’t cut down on the number of dog attacks.  All it does is destroy families and kill innocent dogs who have never even shown aggression towards anyone.  However, in many places in the UK, pit bulls, Staffies, or any of THOSE type dogs are banned.

People know this, yet they continue to make these dogs family members.  They hope that none of their neighbors report them, as this is generally the only way they get found out.  Sadly, Hank was reported by one of Joanne Meadows and Leonard Collins’ neighbors, even though he’s never even harmed so much as a squirrel.


7.18.16 - Family Not Allowed to Say Goodbye to Dog Sentenced to Death1


“My dad walks Hank during the day when I’m at my placement and he called to tell me that he wasn’t there, Leonard told the BBC.  “I rushed straight home to find the warrant on my door and Hank gone.

“A neighbor told me that eight police officers and four dog wardens showed up to take Hank away.  I can’t fathom why anyone would report him. He lazes about for 90 percent of the day and wants to play the other 10 percent.”

The family has had Hank for nearly two years, since he was a puppy.  The Staffy-Lab mix is neutered, microchipped, and insured.

“He is a very playful dog and is part of our family, my nieces and nephews adore him and my dad loves walking him,” Leonard explained.  “He’s extremely affectionate, we’ve never had any issues with aggression.”


7.18.16 - Family Not Allowed to Say Goodbye to Dog Sentenced to Death6


Nevertheless, he was heartlessly abducted from his home; a brief note of explanation left tacked to the door.  Leonard says his family has been told they are not allowed to visit or even know where Hank is being kept.  The dog warden told him there were no complaints about Hank’s behavior, just with his appearance.

Which is blatant discrimination.  Imagine if a certain race of people or religion were (again) made illegal, and people fitting that description were taken away and put to death.  It’s an atrocity.

The family has been “reassured” that Hank is being well-cared for, and that his needs are all being met.

“Hank has a skin condition and he doesn’t have his medication with him, we don’t know where he is or what’s happening to him,” Leonard noted.


7.18.16 - Family Not Allowed to Say Goodbye to Dog Sentenced to Death3


But he and Joanne are fighting tooth and nail to keep him alive.

“When I spoke to the dog warden they said we had two options, either sign him over, which would most likely result in him being put down, or to fight the order through the courts.”

They have created a Facebook page to keep supporters updated, as well as a petition to send to the courts.  Additionally, they have launched a fundraiser to help them pay all the court fees needed to give them the best shot of bringing Hank home.

We will be keeping tabs on the case and bring you updates as we learn them.


7.18.16 - Family Not Allowed to Say Goodbye to Dog Sentenced to Death4

0 thoughts on “Family Not Even Allowed to Say Goodbye to Innocent Dog Sentenced to Death”

  1. Jenny you’re an idiot. It is ignorant morons like you that need to die and be eliminated out of the gene pool.

  2. At any moment any dog can turn on you. It isn’t a breed specific thing. My sister was attached by a dalmatian. Should they all be put down too?

    • It is certainly not true that “at any moment any dog can turn on you.” Except for instances of abuse or illness, there are dogs that will not, under any circumstances, attack someone or some animal. One such dog is sitting at my feet right now. In 13 gentle years he has never threatened anyone or anything. He is no more likely (probably less likely) than a person to attack me, you, or your pet. I honestly don’t know if there is anything in the genetic makeup of a Pit Bull which makes it more likely to attack. Certainly their physical characteristics are such that an attack is likely to be dangerous. But I have known several pit bulls raised to be loving pets who are gentle and affectionate. From my very limited experience, there is nothing innate in the breed, but there may be pit bulls who are genetically predisposed to be more aggressive than others. Killing the dog without any evidence of aggression is an over-reaction, IMHO.

    • Your comments are disgusting Jenny, that dog is an animal and a loving and caring one, which is better than a lot of so called human beings, it is totally disgusting that they even had the right to enter the home and take the dog away when no one was even there, I would check to see if they didn’t go to far and do things they are not allowed to do by law, it is totally disgusting for them to take away an innocent dog who is a much loved family pet and is therefore one of the family just like a normal human being and no longer just a dog, it is disgusting that they won’t even divulge where he is so how do you know that he even is still alive:( it’s disgusting as I have seen this a lot lately poor innocent dogs being taken away for no reason, these dogs and the owners should get to prove if their dog is as they are accused to be, just because a dog looks like another breed that is still no reason for these people to take him away in the first place and even more so especially with no one being there, please let us know where the petition is as I am very happy to sign it, and let’s get some justice for these innocent dogs who have done nothing wrong at all.

  3. Jenny, any dog can snap and kill someone.; that is the chance we took when we domesticated dogs all those years ago. There are millions of bully breed dogs who have never hurt a fly. The ones to blame are the irresponsible owners. But we can’t put them down now can we?

  4. All dogs deserve love! It doesn’t matter if its a Pit Bull (which isn’t a specific breed) or the littlest ankle biter. Should we kill them because they can be aggressive and bite. I don’t think so! Before Pit Bulls it was German Shepards, Doberman Pinchers. BSL Ban needs to be abolished because it doesn’t work! Dog bites are not going down and it is not the Pit Bulls that are doing the biting.

  5. Jenny, do you realize that Staffordshire terriers were first used as nanny dogs? They were brought into the household to help protect the children from harm. These dogs are no different from a little chihuahua who doesn’t like attention. It’s how you raise the dog, not genetics. It’s like saying every human has the ability to murder someone, yet we are not sentencing every person to death.


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