Family Outraged by Mailman’s Murder of Their Yorkie

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5.23.14 - Mailman Killed Dog2

A Fort Worth, Texas family is grieving the loss of their 10-pound Yorkie, who they say was brutally murdered by their postman.  No arrest has been made so far, but both the police and US Postal Service are investigating the incident.

Lawrence Brown was working in his garage when he heard a sudden commotion and dog whimpering.  When he came to see what was going on, he saw the mailman walking by and confronted him.

“At the time, I didn’t know it was my wife’s dog. I just heard a loud yell,” he said.  “So when I looked at the postman as he was walking up the street, I asked him, ‘What did you do to that dog?’  He said, ‘I got me one.’

“I said, ‘You got one?  Did you Mace him?’ ‘No, I hit him with a rock.’”

Maxwell had gotten out of the yard and had been struck by the mailman. Lawrence says the man said “I did what I had to do.”

He was shocked.  He and his wife Taiesha could not believe what happened.  They took Maxwell to a veterinarian, who informed them that their five-year-old dog’s skull was fractured and he had a severe spinal cord injury.  Nothing could be done to save him, and they were forced to euthanize him.

The Browns filed an animal cruelty charge with the police, who are now investigating.

The USPS sent this statement to NBC 5:

The Postal Service takes the issue of dog bite prevention very seriously. We are saddened at the loss of the customer’s pet. Local postal officials are conducting a thorough investigation and will take appropriate action, as needed, pending the results. We understand that in this instance, the letter carrier was defending himself from a dog attack. Letter carriers receive information on how to remain safe while delivering mail in order to avoid dog bites and attacks; including backing away from a dog, not making direct eye contact with the dog, and not handing mail over to a customer–especially a child. Postal officials will address this situation to ensure that letter carriers follow recommended actions to avoid dog attacks/bites in the future.

Lawrence and Taiesha, who have no children, says Maxwell was like a child to them.  They are unconvinced by the letter carrier’s story, as they say their dog was never aggressive.  In addition, the mailman has been in the area for a long time and knows all of the dogs in the neighborhood.

“For almost five years, he’s seen my dog every day and he knows that that’s our dog,” Taiesha said.  “It is very heartbreaking for me, you just deal with it one day at a time.”







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  1. I feel so sorry for the Brown family who lost their pet. My pets are like family. I would be totally devastated if this happened to me. The union will probably save this guys job, whoever made the statement above is full of crap. The union protects the sorry workers. I see it happen everyday. The good workers, do their job, follow instructions and come to work everyday, follow the contract. The good workers don’t need union representation. Yes, this about Maxwell, not unions, but I bet the union was notified before management in this case. I know the carriers have to protect themselves, but to hit a small dog in the head with a rock seems totally uncalled for as well as the statement he made afterwards. I feel he should be terminated before he hurts a child or a co worker. It is evident that there is something terribly mentally wrong with this individual. I am a Postal worker, I have carried mail, I’ve been bit, but never had any hard feelings against the animals or their owners. This is terrible publicity for an already struggling Postal Service. The guy was wrong and should be punished for his actions even if it means loosing his job. He should get the maximum penalty for the crime he committed. Animal cruelty, and destruction of another persons property are still crimes, aren’t they?

  2. As a mailcarrier on previous routes ( the people on my current route are very good about keeping dogs leashed or fenced) I was repeatedly chased by the same dogs day after day and the owners didn’t seem to care or else they thought they were harmless. Alot of dogs hate mailmen for some reason. However frustrating it got dealing with it though….(.a dog of that size hanging off your pantleg every day), a small squirt of pepper spray is enough to keep him away. A rock is definitely not the correct response nor is it endorsed by the USPS as far as I know.

  3. He protected himself, the dog should have been on a leash, if the dog would have bit him had rabies and he died what would you be saying. Sue the owners for not putting the mutt on a leash.


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