Finn’s Rescue: A Wordless Healing Journey

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No words are required to describe the touching transformation you will see here as an abandoned, starved dog finds love and security in a new home, and quite honestly, none would likely suffice.

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The remainder of Finn’s journey will be documented here.

66 thoughts on “Finn’s Rescue: A Wordless Healing Journey”

  1. If Angels do exist,then you are truly one,for giving Finn a good home,along with your other animals,he has found some new friends too,god bless you all:)

  2. I wish there were a LOVE click here because I sooo love these happy endings. Finn’s bad days are behind, loads of love ahead!!! 🙂

  3. Thank you all so much for caring about Finn and his recovery. He’s doing great and I promise to put together another follow-up video sometime soon. He’s getting happier and happier. He now DANCES across the threshold when he comes in from outside and he’s started doing a full-body wiggle wag, not just the tail. He and Kelee greet me at the door together and Finn is just so happy to have someone to welcome. He’s turning out to be a wonderful gift. Blessings to you all. Jeane, Finn and the crew


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