FL Rescue Group Refuses to Adopt to Senior Citizens

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A Florida animal rescue group is refusing to adopt to senior citizens – and is making no bones about it.

81 year-old Ward Twining of Englewood, FL filled out an adoption application with Rescued Hearts, Inc., and was tentatively approved until he arrived to pick up a dog. Much to his surprise, a shelter representative looked at him and said, “We don’t give dogs to seniors.”

The incident has sparked a national debate on the topic, and you may be surprised to learn that a number of adoption groups have policies that prevent adoption to healthy, fit seniors who are able to provide competent, loving homes to adoptable animals.

In your opinion, is this a fair policy?

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56 thoughts on “FL Rescue Group Refuses to Adopt to Senior Citizens”

  1. No, it is not fair. None of us know when our time is up, and as pet parents, it is our responsibility to provide a plan. My dogs have a Godmother. Just part of being responsible.

  2. Senior Citizens are the perfect match for many dogs – most are retired and can be home with the dog, in need of company – dogs are therapy for these folks. It’s also a good way for non-pups (older dogs – who are in need of adoption anyway bc are typically not people’s first choice) to get adopted because older folks seem to want a more low-key dog that isn’t high maintenance. This is a disgrace.

  3. That would be age discrimination and it is probably illegal. maybe they should loose their non-profit status if they have one. Sometimes rescues really piss me off. They try to do good but then make excuses if they don’t want to adopt to someone, too old, not the right fence, etc.


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