Former Marine May Be Forced to Euthanize His Therapy Dog

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A former Marine called Tyler Kelly diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may find himself forced into putting down his therapy dog, Thor.  Thor is being accused of attacking and killing a few chickens on a neighboring farm, and also going after a cow on the property.  Now, King George County Animal Control is pushing to have the dog euthanized.

Kelly’s plan was to have Thor trained and certified to be a therapy dog.  Along with PTSD, Kelly also has bi polar disorder, and is suffering from kidney disease.  All of these were discovered while at boot camp back in 2013.  Ever since, Thor has filled a hole in his life that simply can’t be properly explained with words.

“He’s the only one that’s been there when nobody [else] was,” Kelly said.  “Every night that I have my hard nights, hard times, he’s right there, by my side.”

Thor, in his own way, has been acting as a therapy dog for Kelly for a while now.  He may not be fully trained and certified to wear the therapy dog vest, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t use some of his innate instincts that a great deal of dogs seem to have for detecting human emotions.  Thor comforts Kelly in times of extreme anxiety and stress, and even helps him get out of the house every once in a while and into public.  Something that without Thor, might not happen at all.

“If they do put him down, they’re going to be killing a part of me too,” Kelly said.

Thor is in the situation in which he finds himself, because he’s been accused of killing chickens that resided on a farm near his home.  He’s also accused of going after a cow.  The owner of the farm called King George County Animal Control to complain, and Thor was taken in by them.  Kelly doesn’t believe that Thor would kill anything, and was more than likely trying to get the cow to play, if he was over at the farm at all.

“I get a call the other day saying the only option I have is to put him down,” Kelly said.  “I don’t think that’s very fair.  That dog would never hurt a fly.  I’ve taken him all kinds of places.  He’s been around so many dogs, cats, people, kids.”

Kelly is now awaiting a final decision from animal control.  They refused to make any comment on the matter, saying they wouldn’t do so while the investigation was ongoing.

4.14.16 - Thor

221 thoughts on “Former Marine May Be Forced to Euthanize His Therapy Dog”

  1. This is BS, Is there evidence this dog is the culprit? Were the chickens cooped or roaming free? They should just make sure the dog is secured outside, as well as the farm animals.

  2. The dog is not a therapy dog. A dog with enough prey drive to kill chickens and go after live stock will not pass the therapy dog test, no matter how much training he gets. Prey drive is instinctual, you can’t just train it away.

  3. Once a dog starts killing chickens and going after live stock, there’s no way to make them stop. My god-parents knows this for a fact.
    They had a beautiful German Shepard named Penny.
    Penny was great, until the day she got into the neighbors yard and killed their rabbits.
    They thought they could work with her, figuring they could “re-train” her not to go after other animals, but their plan didn’t work.
    In the end, Penny had to be put down after she killed two cats and almost killed the Jack Russel terrier that lived across the street from them.
    It was hard for my god-parents to put down their dog, who was also their child, but they where afraid that because Penny had started going after other animals, she would go after people next.

  4. Leave the dog & man alone, prove he killed the chickens & chased the cow. Give the dog back. Maybe the chickens & cow were attacked by coyotes or some other wild animals. Show a video to prove it was that dog. People say and make assumptions sometimes from what they think not by proof.

  5. I hope it all works out well for you .and your dog. Looks a lovely dog and I don’t think he should be euthanized for this as he may not have done it. It would be different if he was attacking children. I wish you and your dog the very best.

  6. THE DOG DOES NOT NEED TRAINING THE OWNER NEEDS TRAINING DOGS EITHER FOLLOW OR LEAD they read our emotions. to be a good leader you must have good posture, facial expressions and tone of voice.anyone can be leader if you qualify. NEVER YELL, NEVER DISCIPLINE JUST CALM CORRECTIONS AND YOUR DOG WILL UNDERSTAND MUCH BETTER. NOBODY LIKES TO BE YELLED AT. dogs read our emotions. if you are calm and assertive,NOT AGGRESSIVE YOUR DOG WILL UNDERSTAND MUCH BETTER dogs try to please their pack leader. LOOK UP DR. DOG ON THE INTERNET. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SMARTER THAN OUR DOGS why do we expect them to learn english. lets learn to talk dog and you will have a much better relationship with your dog. PLEASE REMBER DOGS ARE BORN WITH ONLY THEIR NOSE WORKING EYES OPEN AT ABOUT 10 DAYS AND EARS AT ABOUT 21 DAYS. PEOPLE USE EYES, HEARING THEN NOSE..respect your dog and demand respect useing CALM ASSERTIVE ENERGYNEVER DISIPLINE YOUR JUST CALM CORRECTIONS..rember dogs have different personalties just like people


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