Former Stray Dog Saves Owner’s Life after Car Accident

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Virtudes, a Spanish woman, lost control of her car and fell 98 feet off a cliff but no one other than her loyal dog Canelo saw the accident. The woman spent 20 hours trapped inside her car at the bottom of the precipice before getting rescued.


Canelo had followed his owner’s car and saw when the pet owner tumbled down the cliff. He immediately ran to Virtudes’s side and barked desperately trying to get the pet owner some help, but help didn’t come until late at night.

When Virtudes’s family grew worried about her prolonged absence, they went out searching for her. That is when they heard Canelo’s barks and discovered the tragic incident.

This loyal dog was a street dog that for many years suffered from malnutrition. Virtudes fell in love with him a few years back and rescued him from the harsh street life.


Virtude’s saved Canelo by welcoming him into her family, and this August Canelo paid her back when he saved her life. If it wasn’t for this loyal dog and his barks, Virtudes would have never been found.

The woman suffered bruises and cuts, but luckily she did not have any major injuries.

“Now we are even,” Virtudes told Uno TV. “He is not just a pet to me, he is like my son.”

14 thoughts on “Former Stray Dog Saves Owner’s Life after Car Accident”

  1. With love, a dog will follow you to the ends of the earth. If people could just understand that and not abuse their pet or stray, I know this world would be a better place. So happy for you and your family that you will recover from your injuries. This is a truly wonderful story.

  2. Most dogs are better some people, harsh yes, but it is true. We have all run into people who are bad and evil. For the most part people are good natured, but we rescue dogs and they are there for you good or bad, just like a good spouse, family member or friend.


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