“Freeze – Don’t Shoot My Pet!” March Is Today


10.24.14 - Freeze - Don't Shoot March1


“We want to bring change to protect our pups through education, restricted lethal force and uniform investigations and prosecution of those who are now getting away with murdering our family pets,” said FDS.  “We come in numbers, stand in strength and demand these shootings to stop. R.I.P. to those innocent pets who have lost their lives needlessly and the families that will always grieve the tragedy of their loss. No family should have to go through this. No child should be exposed to the lethal police brutality of our family pets. It is devastating.”

On October 25, 2014, animal lovers and pet owners plan to stand together to peacefully tell our police officers to think twice before drawing their weapons on our pets.

Freeze Don’t Shoot (FDS) is a planned national march on state capitols (as in capitol buildings) to bring awareness regarding the nationwide problem of vast pet shootings at the hands of law enforcement officers. This year marks the first national march, and everyone is encouraged to participate.


10.24.14 - Freeze - Don't Shoot March2


To learn more about the march and to participate visit https://www.facebook.com/freezedontshoot


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  1. yes, let’s peacefully tell the cops not to shoot our dogs, then peacefully tell them they will lose their tax funded jobs if they do.

  2. Just hide it and then report it..This is a reply to the post about EMILY..maybe if they get enough reports they will


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