Gabe Rocks!

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Training does not have to mean all work and no play. Gabe knows this all too well, and has an exciting, fun array of fun tricks to share.

Follow him through a series of impressive maneuvers, and by the time you reach his adorable rocking horse ride, you’ll realize that the title fits – in more ways than one.

58 thoughts on “Gabe Rocks!”

  1. Awesome Stuff Gabe, Dogs R a lot smarter then People give them credit 4.
    just let Them know what 2 do and They can do it, it only takes teaching :@)

  2. Gabe is very much a show dog. He is a champion:-). He has every reason to have testicles, and you have no business saying otherwise!

    Thanks for Kathy’s response…gotta stick up for these dogs sometime!

    • Thanks Sophie’s Mom!…and see my response above to find out the reason why. I agree MOST of the time dogs should be neutered/spayed, but we must preserve the best, healthiest representatives of the breed to carry on their good traits if we want these to continue in future generations–and then be very careful what we breed them to. Breeding dogs isn’t evil in itself, just IRRESPONSIBLE breeding 🙂


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