Ginger: Sad Dog Dumped by Her Owner is Rescued

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Ginger was frightened and sad when her owner brought her to the shelter saying he couldn’t care for her any longer and wanted her put down.

Shelter volunteer and rescuer Maria Christina Sanchez was on hand to document the heartbreaking scene and to make sure that Ginger would get a second chance at life and happiness.

Maria Christina Sanchez is going to pull Ginger from the shelter on Tuesday, and will provide her with the loving care she needs and deserves during a rehabilitative period. Once Ginger is spayed and Maria and PetConnect.Us are confident she is mentally and physically ready, they will adopt her out into a carefully screened home.

Maria works as a tireless voluunteer helping and saving dogs in San Bernardino County, CA. She posts videos of dogs at the San Bernardino City Shelter at her YouTube channel.

The video below shows what it is like for a dog to be dumped by her uncaring owner.

Ginger’s rescuers will share photos and video of Ginger as she begins her new life. We have no doubt she will soon be remarkably transformed.  You can check with PetConnect.Us at Facebook in the coming days and weeks for updates. Those interested in giving Ginger the loving home she deserves can contact PetConnect.US via PM or email (email address is found at Facebook).

18 thoughts on “Ginger: Sad Dog Dumped by Her Owner is Rescued”

  1. Sad part that most of you are not understanding is most dogs do not make it out most are put down anyone who takes in an animal and then dumps it needs to be punished needs to be assured they will never take in another animal to this guy its a business not a living creature and believe me there will be many more many many more … you want to help figure out a way to keep him from ever getting his hands on an animal again.. I do hope Ginger does manage to find a home but more then likely her poor pathetic short life will be taken.

  2. For those of you not in Southern California, perhaps you do not understand the demographics of this particular area. Suffice it to say, and, I hope, I am politically correct, lots of similar owners live in the San Bernardino area and treat their animals (and, not incidentally, their families) in much the same way. They seem oblivious to any training or information on how to treat animals, let alone humans, in the right way–with love, kindness, hope, charity, etc. I am grateful the volunteer is going to adopt/help Ginger. The look of sheer terror in her eyes was something to behold.


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