Giveaway: Bo Regards Fire Safety Wall Plaque

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Everyone should be aware and be prepared for the risks in case of a fire or medical emergency. The more prepared you are with your loved ones, the more likely the emergency you face will come out with positive results. Bo Regards ICE Plaque is an innovative product that addresses a big concern for many pet owners.


It fills a need, but is aesthetically pleasing and easily installed on any home, apartment, condo, and even travel trailer. Careful attention was paid to the quality and functionality of the product.

Proudly made in the USA, each plaque is 8.5″ X 8.5″ with 3 finishes to choose from. These attractive fire safety plaques are available in Burnished Copper, Burnished Brass or Burnished Nickel. These products are crafted of highly durable ABS Resin that has been professionally electroplated, antiqued, and finished with a clear lacquer protective coating. This is the same technique used in the automotive, plumbing and aeronautical industries for many years.

The plaque is designed to be easily mounted to the outside of a wall or door; it can also be screwed onto the exterior of your home. Anchors and screws are provided with each plaque.

Bo Regards is proud to have chosen this laborious process to complete their product,  making it a durable work of art. The plaque comes with wall mount screws and regularly retails for $34.95. Bo Regards is a family owned business with the goal of helping you protect your pets in the event of a fire or other emergencies.  For more information check out their website at or visit them on Facebook.

How to Enter

Today’s three giveaway winners will each receive one fire safety plaque – in the copper finish shown above – by mail. As always, only those in our e-mail list are eligible, and if you’re not one, you can fix that in five seconds by clicking here. When your first daily digest e-mail arrives, hit reply, type the words “enter me” in the subject and send (current subscribers can reply to today’s digest). We’ll use to select one winner, who will be notified by e-mail. Entries will be accepted through midnight Wednesday: please note that this contest is open to residents of the US and Canada only.

Tired of blocking your views with traditional fire safety window clings? Here is the stylish alternative that you’ve been looking for – get those entries in, and as always, good luck!

21 thoughts on “Giveaway: Bo Regards Fire Safety Wall Plaque”

  1. I can’t wait to get one. I think it is great. We love our pets like children. They are Gods creatures and we as people are required by God to take care of them. Anonymous , must not be an animal lover but they should still care about how animals are treated. Thanks for the plaque.

  2. Tothe anonymous. Comment our pet is one of the family and is home alone I think the signs are great! Would be proud to have one and feel it is a responsibility

  3. Anyone who would hang this must not have a family member who works in emergency services. They are there to save the lives of people; if you want to risk your own life to save your own pets that’s one thing, but to demand that someone else do it is just ignorant.

  4. To the jerk complaining that pets shouldn’t be saved… they are living creatures of the animal kingdom, just like humans. If we are going to keep them locked up with no way to escape or alert anyone to their whereabouts, the least we can do is put up notice that there are living creatures inside who don’t deserve to burn to death (or suffer in any other tragedy).
    When someone chooses to become a firefighter, s/he signs up to save lives. That’s it. Save lives. No one forces them to choose a career path in emergency service, but if there is a life in trouble, it shouldn’t be ignored.

    “…if you want to risk your own life to save your own pets that’s one thing, but to demand that someone else do it is just ignorant…”I would risk my own life to save my own family, and that includes my pets!

  5. Am I the only one who is thinking that if there is a house fire, all of the firefighters are going to be too busy to notice this or even take the time to look at this plaque?

  6. There are now many people out there who have assistance dogs. With this sign who knows a human life could be saved as well as family pets or working dog. God there are some dumb, ignorant people in this world!!!!

  7. There are some truly dumb, ignorant people in this world .. Anonymous: So what are you doing one this website , “Life With Dogs”, if you obviously have such a low opinion of family pets .. I hope that you got here by mistake and that you do not have any pets of your own .. you would make a lousy pet owner and I would feel sorry any animal that was in your care !!!


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