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Family owned ALC INovators Inc. has been producing the IN line of nutritional supplements for dogs and cats for over 20 years.

The name “IN®” is derived from the last two letters in the key ingredient in all of ALC’s supplements: lecithin. Lecithin is an antioxidant, an emulsifier of fat and a source of three essential fatty acids. In addition to helping dogs breakdown fats, and better absorb vitamins and nutrients, lecithin promotes healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

While most dog foods and supplements are cooked at high temperatures that scorch their vitamins and nutrients, IN supplements are never cooked. Through their unique cold process, ALC INovators has found a way to produce supplements that maintain the integrity of their ingredients while also taking the form of a soft nugget that dogs take as a treat.

The newest formulation from ALC INovators is the IN Diet Supplement for Dogs “Blue Label.” The “Blue Label” is corn and wheat free and formulated with oatmeal, watercress, spinach, beets and celery. Taken daily, IN® fortifies the immune system and bridges the gap between what dog foods provide and what dogs need to stay healthy, and the entire Life With Dogs pack is powered by IN supplements.

The fish oil and lecithin not only promote beautiful skin and coats, but also help to prevent and alleviate many common skin conditions such as hot spots, dry skin and bare spots, eczema and dermatitis, and mange. ALC has hundreds of testimonials from owners who had tried everything to rid their dogs of skin and coat problems to no avail, and then experienced a complete turnaround after just a few weeks on IN.

Perhaps the most amazing story ALC has ever received was from a Samoyed named Laika who had been diagnosed with a rare disease known as Alopecia X. When Laika’s owners had nearly given up having visited countless vets and using dozens of products, they decided to give IN a chance. After a few months, Laika transformed from being almost completely hairless back to her normal self.

Treat your dog to IN and watch the transformation take place. IN is safe for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. Whether you have a mixed-breed rescue or a an AKC show dog, IN will be a great addition to their diet. Your dog will feel the difference and you will see the difference! Give IN!

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1 thought on “Giveaway: IN® Diet Supplement for Dogs”

  1. I love the vitamin supplements. My dogs overall health and coat condition are better than now with your supplement than any other I have ever used. I ONLY uses Pet tabs because it was my veterinarians choice of treats in the clinical environment. However, I know how essential it is to maintain inner health that is balanced & well rounded. Although I feed a generic dog food, with IN supplements I can tell that their overall health is spectacular. My dogs live longer, enjoy life without health issues of all kinds. Their coats reflect their over all health in luster, texture, natural shedding, healthy skin condition free of allergy & disease, and even when wet do not have a “wet dog” odor. I really hate to declare this out loud to people because they think I am crazy and irrisponsible when I tell, the only time I give my dogs a bath is if they roll in something foul. They live in & out of the house. It actually is more theirs than mine in a way. When they are out and need to come in I hear a certain bark of demand and let them in. Or if the weather is foul, fireworks stir or it is too hot to stay out the house is their den & refuge. They are my children & family. The only reason I do not have a doggie door is that they would constantly be bringing me items of omage. Snakes, birds, cats, palm frans, tree branches, etc., whatever is good for them is sure to please mom! They are loved &respected by their pac leader they seldom require discipline beyond peliminary training of sorts. We are a pack of rescuees. I do not buy dogs, I rescue them from everywhere and they rescue me everyday with devotion and unconditional adoration. I always have a pack of three to four and they keep the bad elements from our front door. Actually the elements stay away from the fenceline, nearly entirely walking in the street from end to end of my little property. Anyway this is about my dogs and the INovators supplemement that is worth its weight in gold and I will never give my animals any other supplements as long as they are available to us.

    Thank you, Terry Pagan, West Park, Florida, 33023 954-966-2319


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