Gorham, NY Bans Puppy Mills

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The Gorham, NY Town Board voted unanimously last night to impose a one year moratorium on all new dog breeding and dog kenneling facilities.

The ban was prompted by nationwide opposition to a plan that would have allowed for a commercial dog-breeding facility in the town. As news of the proposed facility spread, the town was inundated with letters, e-mails and calls from angry protesters.

4446 Route 247, Gorham, NY
Curtis and Jolene Martin had sought permission to move their dog-breeding business from a rented property in Varick to a 20-acre parcel they had purchased in Gorham.

Mary Hauman, 63, of Benton, said she was relieved that the town adopted the moratorium.

“I’m just glad they are approaching this rationally and sanely,” said Hauman, who is opposed to the Martins’ plan.

The law will prohibit any modifications to existing breeding facilities in the town and will prevent conversion of the proposed facility that prompted the moratorium. The county had already advised against adopting the plan over safety and watershed-quality concerns.

The law will go into effect after it is filed with state officials. Violators could face a fine of $250 or 15 days in jail.

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  1. A small victory in a much larger war…we need to stay on top if this and make sure a year from now the vote doesn’t change. For the moment though we can celebrate the achievement.

  2. I know I’m getting flamed for this.. I’m all for getting rid of puppy mills. But I’m also for individual liberty. I think the proper way to go about this is to educate people on puppy mills and try to curb demand for their puppies. I don’t think begging the government and adding more regulations and laws is the way to go about this. I’m sure some of the same folks saying YAY were some of the same folks wagging their finger at the city last week for not letting ppl keep their four dogs. You can’t have more govt and not have less liberty.

    • yeah I really have quite a bit of mixed thought on this as well. The more we want government to lean hard on SO CALLED PUPPY MILLS, I also find it a little disturbing that they also want to come down hard on people who have a few more dogs then local city bylaws will let you have. My city recently changed from a two animal limit to a four animal limit which I thank my lucky stars four as I would have been two dogs over the limit. But because we had the city almagamate outer lying towns into one big city, their were many differences in the local bylaws governing how many pets. One city was allowed four another city was allowed two and others still were allowed up to five depending on which side of the road they were on when it came to city limits or acrerage .So to try and keep everyone happy they agreed to have four per household, which for me was good as we were only two per household. But also when ever you want to get government involved in these matter it also give them an opening into small private breeders and can cause them a lot of problems as well. We can’t have it both ways without something being hurt. Individual rights get stepped on. And everyone out there who does not want to lose their beloved pet, or have lost a pet and is looking for a new puppy, they also need to know that laws that hurt puppy millers also hurt respected breeders, and if they want to be able to have a new pet down the road, they need to remember that someone out there has to be able to breed in order for them to acquire a new beloved pet. That’s all that I have to say on the matter.


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