Henry, the “Vicious” Dog

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Allow me to demonstrate my ferocity by smooching you!

10 thoughts on “Henry, the “Vicious” Dog”

  1. All my messages were taken down why???? I left 3 messages and all three are gone ( removed I guess) these messages were informative and shouldn’t have been removed because nothing bad was said, just constructive comments and information!! Not fair LIFE WITH DOGS, I assume it was posted on your site and all the posts that were posted had good and informative information that every dog owners needs to know, use this video as a useful teaching tool on what not to do, make this video as a positive!!! Thank you and please take this into consideration, it could save lots of people from getting bit , thank you so much!

  2. Dogs feel threatened when faces are put close to them. Please do not antagonize this beautiful dog this way. Rather teach PEOPLE not to put their faces in the Dog’s face. Especially important to teach children this.


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