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Herbie and His Smile Are Taking the Internet by Storm

by Fred

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1.13.16 - HerbieFEAT


We’re not sure if you caught it or not, but in case you did not, here’s Herbie.  Herbie is a rescue dog, saved from the city pound in Chicago, Illinois by PAWS Chicago.  A recent video making its way across the internet shows Herbie smiling for a piece of cheese, and it’s just 100 percent adorable.

The video was posted to PAWS Chicago’s Facebook page by Amanda Robles, with the following caption:

“Don’t you hate when people catch you trying to perfect your selfie smile?  Herbert doesn’t seem to mind showing off his pearly whites to impress his future family (especially for the treat he was being offered offscreen).”

“This adorable 5 month old bully breed is currently spending time with a foster family after being rescued from the city pound but will be available for adoption in a couple of weeks.  While in foster, he’s learning how to be a puppy, getting lots of cuddles, and working on training.  Keep an eye out for him at”


say cheese

Posted by Amanda Robles on Saturday, January 9, 2016



The original video had been posted by Herbie’s foster mom Amanda Robles.  Since posting it, the video has been liked over 150,000 times, and shared over 300,000 times.  Talk about your instant celebrity!

PAWS Chicago spokesperson Sarah McDonald said that Herbie had to be placed in foster upon rescue, because he picked up a nasty case of dog flu.  Housing him with all of the other dogs would be a danger, as it’s quite easily transmitted from dog to dog in tight quarters.

“What makes it so difficult for shelters is, it’s so contagious for other dogs,” McDonald said.

McDonald said that Herbie should be 100 percent ready for adoption in about a week.  Just to be sure that he is over the flu, and isn’t a risk to anyone’s existing pets.  He will need to go to a family with patience.  It was clear when he was rescued that he had been kept confined to a very small area for a long period of time.  He is learning how to properly socialize, and sometimes there are small difficulties.  However, his time with his foster family has seen him really start to come out of his shell.  His foster mom says he is growing less timid and building confidence every day.


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