Hero Award: Major Recognition for Injured Police Dog

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Update July 20, 2011.
Major has added another award to his growing collection: he has just been presented a Medal of Valor from the Minneapolis Canine Unit.

On Nov. 12, 2010, Major was stabbed in the spine while searching for suspects in a Maplewood burglary, leaving him permanently disabled.

In February, the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association honored Major the dog with its “Hero” award at the organization’s annual conference in Minneapolis.  Sen. Amy Klobuchar presented the award. The incident has prompted the Minnesota Legislature to propose increasing penalties for anyone who hurts or kills law enforcement dogs.

View the ceremony in it’s entirety here, but keep a few tissues handy – seeing Major roll up to the stage to receive his award left me wrecked. This is the quintessential, selfless dog hero.  ♥

64 thoughts on “Hero Award: Major Recognition for Injured Police Dog”

  1. Being a lover of German Shepherds and currently owning one, my heart and prayers go to Major and his handler. Major is a HERO and everyday, like all the other Law Enforcement Dogs as well as their handlers put their lifes on the line toto protect and serve. I would like to see more of these devoted dogs get more time in the limelight and be honored.
    That being said, its downright sad that sick people would do such horrendous acts all because they are in trouble and the k-9 officer is doing his job! Point blank, if you don’t want a negative experience with these dogs,don’t commit crimes in the first place! I think I represent all German Shepherd lovers and those who respect Law Enforcement from Michigan when I say… “Our hats are off to you Major!”


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