Homeless Dog Wins Red Cross “Animal Hero of the Year” Award

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A homeless dog from the Lane County, OR.  pound is getting special recognition from a local chapter of the American Red Cross.

Sasha has been selected as a Red Cross “Animal Hero of the Year” for her work with at-risk youth in the community. As if that important work weren’t enough to distinguish her, there is one other fact that makes her win something special: Sasha is completely deaf.

According to the shelter, that hasn’t stopped her from making a big difference in her community: she makes weekly trips to Lane County’s juvenile justice system to work with at-risk children. There she has learned some sign language and tricks while at the same time helping to teach the incarcerated kids a new, positive way to interact with others.

Sasha was recognized by the Red Cross for her outstanding good temperament and philanthropic work with a Red Cross Hero Award. Despite her recent fame, the 1 year old Pit bull remains at the shelter she’s called home since November of last year, and LCAS is willing to offer guidance to anyone who is interested in adopting her with referrals to and information about the resources required to continue her training.

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3 thoughts on “Homeless Dog Wins Red Cross “Animal Hero of the Year” Award”

  1. I agree! My roomate is blind and has several service animals over the years and all have made wonderful pets when not working as well. Giving a dog a job to do is fulfilling to the dog and good for you.
    I think the idea of work for deaf children is absolutely wonderful here.

  2. Sweet story.I agree with the above posters. What a great activity for the shelter to get the pup involved in! 1yr there ugh hope a VERY loving and dedicated family adopts this wonderful pup. More and more examples of the true and wonderful nature of pit bulls. 🙂


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