In Memory of Target

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I happened upon this slideshow tribute to Target last night and a minute into it I was wrecked. As tough as it has been to read the news and public outcry about his passing, this really hits home. Let us hope that another never suffers his fate.

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15 thoughts on “In Memory of Target”

  1. Target was a special dog in so many ways. I am associated with the young lady, who, at her fiancee’s request raised the funding to bring not only Target, but her puppies and Rufus home to the soldiers that Rufus, Target, and Sasha saved in Aghanistan. I live in Arizona and was hoping to meet Target one day. She truly was a hero in many ways and now she is an angel helping other animals to get rescued for their soldiers. If you have not done so, please read Anna’s story on the Puppy Rescue Mission Facebook page. She is determined to help soldiers and this is how she has chosen to do so. She has raised nearly $80 thousand in 8 months through facebook so that the organizations that do the rescues can continue helping the soldiers. She continues in Memory of Target and for the troops fighting for our freedoms.


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