Indiana Police Officer Caught Abusing K-9

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5.1.14 - Cop Abuses K-9 9

When a video appeared on YouTube of a Hammond, Indiana police officer abusing his K-9 partner, the city’s mayor took prompt action.  He spoke out against the abuse and saw that the man was suspended.  The officer is now being investigated and will hopefully face more than paid leave.

5.1.14 - Cop Abuses K-9 11

The video, taken by a man inside a residence, shows the opprobrious officer repeatedly lifting the dog by his neck and striking him with what appears to be a chain leash before carelessly yanking him out towards traffic.

5.1.14 - Cop Abuses K-9 10

This is what Mayor Thomas McDermott had to say about the incident:

Anybody who loves dogs as much as I do is always saddened and shocked anytime you hear of a dog’s abuse.  When you find out it happened with an employee of yours, it makes it that much more shocking and disturbing.  Please know that the Hammond PD does not condone that type of behavior of any of its officers, nor is it tolerated in this administration.

The officer in question is being placed on Administrative Leave immediately, pending a further investigation.  He will have his canine removed from his control during this leave while the PD further investigates this matter.


The video below contains strong language and shows the officer’s abuse.







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  1. Thank you to whomever brought this to public attn! This was sickening to watch. Thank God for video. The officer needs mental help. Who would do that to their partner? To a dog/man’s BEST friend? “To Protect and to Serve”? NOT feeling safe tonight.

  2. That was not called for. Both the way the cop treated his K-9 partner and the way the person who filmed this with his excessive use of the f-word. I was offended by both. Let’s hope the cop gets more than paid leave.

    • Good grief. So turn down your sound! He was appalled and so what is he did not express himself the way you would have preferred. Sheesh, lighten up.

    • Stupid cow, …

      So you are offended by the language used, just as much as the abuse to the poor K-9 ?Are you off your meds ?

      The language was nothing.

      The ABUSE to the poor Dog by the police officer is ALL there is to see, it should shock you, you should not tolerate it, that man needs a huge fine and jail time from a felony assault charge.

  3. His K-9 should be permanently taken from him -not whilst on Administrative Leave !!!
    The Officer should be permamently relieved of all his duties – he should be dismissed from the Police Force and charged with cruelty. He is a disgusting human being who is not fit to ‘Serve and Protect’.

  4. He’s not just abusing a dog. He’s abusing, strangling, and whipping his partner. The partner that would lay down his life for this piece of scum. POS

  5. The question most of you need to ask yourself is; have you ever had a working dog with more drive than a professional athlete or the fittest fighter? Then about the struggle for dominance in a relationship with someone with that drive? That K9 didn’t out his treat when he was told and to the unassuming bystander it’s no big deal, however, when the dog wins in this one he assumes the alpha role in a relationship. In other words what could result is that if the K9 wins the treat….look closely for the ball. The handler loses some control. The reason he does this is because he cares about his partner and doesn’t want him to get hurt or hurt someone else because he refuses to listen. These dogs are not intended for everyday people to have and understand they are truly alpha types and do often bite the handlers but it’s something that the handler lives with because he loves his buddy and understands he’s part of his pack and is challenging him for alpha status in the family. This is not a bred down akc idea of a German shepherd. If you look at the k9 you’ll notice his tail wagging like crazy after the incident and his ears peaking… If you know anything about k9’s then you would know he’s ok with what dad did because he’s the boss. The k9 can’t be boss the safety of the officer, public, and K9 depend on this. This k9 is absolutely awesome and must have an amazing handler to have such ball drive and courageous personality for testing his dad. I’d venture to say not to many of the people ranting on here understand these dogs or have ever had the honor of working with them. Put it into human words if I told my child to do something and they didn’t do it after told to several times they would recieve a spanking. That k9 and his father are falling victim to people who have no knowledge of this and think the dog whisperer works?! That so called abused K9 is under more stress than he’s ever been under because of the seperation from his pack. I hope you all are happy and probably hate what I’m saying, but ask and understand before you place judgement. I would rather die lose my best friend… My K9 as I’m sure this k9 use to share pb&j with dad or throw ball with the kids… thank yourselves for your ignorance cause he’s sitting in a kennel now…

    • Anonymous,
      Clearly you feel that cops are the problem with society. I would assume you were picked on at some time and woe is me because someone failed you in your upbringing. That k 9 is not a pet. There is no arguing with you because whatever ration you here, you will deny ,whatever logic, or proven training you will deny or refuse to listen to but if that K9 had chased you down after running from that handler and it didn’t out that chunk of your hind end when it was told you’d have a different tale to tell. You should probably save your profane language and behavior for someplace that children couldn’t see it and I hope that you sleep well tonight because you will only do so because someone keeps the evil in this world at bay and it’s not people like you. Brave on the net hide and flight when it hits the fan in front of you.

      • sounds more like a lover of PIGs not K9… obviously you dont even know how to train dogs the right way… you’ve got the american approach of abuse & intimidate into submission.. no respect for the dog therefore does not deserve respect for yourself! laying down their lives? what ?! Serve & protect is looong gone since 9-11… now it’s the same approach as you would train a dog, beat, shoot & intimidate & maybe ask questions later! Police need to be held accountable for their actions… no more carte blanche & protect hem for whatever actions/crimes they commit against the public they are supposed to be serving. If this was done to a human officer, then it would be unacceptable? Well if they can charge the public with assault on a police officer if you were to lash out on a dog, then the same law should be applied on the handler of said dog!

    • Its people like you that cause me to lose hope in humanity… it is true these dogs are trained to do a job no ordinary household pet can do, but it is also true that they could successfully rip this cops arm off as if he was a dangerous felon, but the dog is humane enough not to even after being picked up by the collar and hit with a chain.
      K9 or not, dogs are here to please and ask for nothing in return so how dare anyone take advantage of that? This is not the proper way to discipline a dog, K9 or not.
      You’re disgusting.

    • As someone who works with a Belgian Malinois, an even higher drive dog than a shepherd, I can tell you that this is abuse. If this cop does this to his partner, just imagine how he would treat people. And you, “lover of k9s” sound like you are making excuses for this behavior because it models your own.

    • Lover of K9’s, you have no idea whatsoever what you’re talking about. If the handler lost control of the dog it was because he had no control over himself. You do NOT hang a dog by its neck to prove dominance. That is just plain bloody cruelty. I hope this idiot got fired. He deserved it. The best thing that can happen to that dog is getting a new handler who knows how to deal with a dominant animal without abusing it.

  6. This media site should be ashamed of themselves for posting this crap…. No one asked a K9 handler or training agency about this before they smeared it all over the net…

    • Change your name to hater of k-9’s. It’s very apparent that you are trying to hide behind the blue, unfortunately its also very obvious to me that you condone beating a animal. Would your thoughts and answers be the same if this was a ‘perp’ he was beating? Your a friend of the cop most likely than not, otherwise why would you be defending him so ardently? You and him are why more and more people have no trust in their LEO’s. Your sick and depraved comments only further our feelings and officer ( i choke as I say that) you ARE a PIG!!!!

    • K-9 hater, please check yourself into anger management and quickly get some haldol you’re just not right!


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