Injured Hit-and-Run Dog Needs Help

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On Oct. 7, 2014, Trish Kogan was at the Harris County Animal Control in Houston placing a hold on a dog when someone walked in with an injured stray that had been run over by a car and left for dead. The animal control facility said they couldn’t do anything for the stray, but Kogan didn’t want the injured pet to suffer more than necessary and decided to help.

Photo Credit: Melrose Park Neglected Dogs
Photo Credit: Melrose Park Neglected Dogs

Kogan, who volunteers with Melrose Park Neglected Dogs rushed the dog, named Petey, to Long Meadow Veterinary Clinic. There, veterinarians took x-rays and found he had a fracture on his right leg. He will need surgery to fix his broken leg, but without funds to cover all medical costs, Petey can’t be helped.

Melrose Park Neglected Dogs is a group of animal lovers who volunteer their time to feed and help as they can, the abandoned dogs living at the public park. The organization depends on the public’s help and the willingness of registers animal rescue groups to save and re-home the discarded dogs.

Since the accident, Petey has been moved to SugarLand Veterinary Specialists for pain management. Melrose Park Neglected Dogs started an online fundraiser to raise funds to help him. They estimate the costs to be well over $2,000.

The volunteer group has a foster home lined-up for the stray but they are looking for a rescue organization to take Petey in.

To help Petey, click here. To learn more about him, visit Melrose Park Neglected Dogs’ Facebook page.

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  1. Why can’t Vets do a few pro-bono cases a month? I can’t believe a Vet would let a dog or cat die just because no one claims them. I understand everyone wants to make a fortune these days but when will we put life first before the all mighty buck?

  2. Why doesn’t the vet donate their time?? It’s not like it’s thousands of dollars, for God sakes! WOW-LOL And thanks to the lady who saved him!

  3. If the vets did it for free once it would be expected all the time thwn they’d be out od business and there would be nobody to treat the animals. Just saying.

    • Not true whatsoever. Education before ignorance, please. I used to work for an avian/exotic animal clinic and if a person were to bring in a stray animal that was injured or sick, our vet would do it pro bono. Every. Single. Time. And business there is incredible. Many clinics are open-minded to at least a few pro bono cases a month.


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