Into the Loving Arms of Her New Dad

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11.2.14 - Depressed Dog Left at Shelter Gets a New Dad2
This photo was being taken as Mira watched her dad walk out the door.


From the Trio Animal Foundation (TAF):

October 29th:

This girl’s heart broke the moment her dad walked out the door.

Yesterday, while at an open access shelter, a man walked in with his dog named Mira. He said that he was moving and no longer had time for her.  [Please try not to judge too harshly – we don’t know what his circumstances were, and taking his dog to a shelter is a much better alternative to leaving her on the street.]

Mira was wagging her tail and was so proud and happy to be walking with her dad. It was not until they were removing her collar and replacing it with a slip lead that she started to realize that something was up. It was then that her dad turned around and walked out the door.

As Mira watched her dad walk away, she started to whimper. Once he made it outside, she began to cry for him. Mira did everything that she could to get out the door to be reunited with her dad and her stress level quickly went through the roof… she just cried and cried.

At this point, I knew that she would have a complete meltdown if she were put in the general population with the other homeless dogs.

I asked if she could stay out by the front desk with me so that she could be calmed down. Needless to say, I didn’t have the heart to bring her to the back room and so she ended up in my car.

Mira will be adopted out through TAF’s rescue division, Project Rescue Chicago. This beautiful girl is three years old, potty trained, dog friendly and good with kids (she has never been tested with cats).


Who knew either of them could ever be so happy again?
Who knew either of them could ever be so happy again?


November 1st:

Just this past week, Mira sat frantically crying at the front door of an open access shelter as her former dad walked out and left her behind… for the days to come, she cried and found it hard to eat. Mira’s heart was shattered into a million pieces.

We at TAF knew that it would take a caring and gentle man to mend Mira’s emotional wounds and make her happy again.

Well, as fate would have it, that man was about to walk into Mira’s life and help to ease her pain and show her that she was loved.

A while back, Mira’s new dad lost his senior pittie girl to cancer and the thought of bringing a new pup into his life was just too painful… after caring for his baby girl until the end, his heart was broken.

It was not until he saw Mira’s story and the look of despair in her eyes that he knew they were meant to be together. That very same day he filled out an adoption application and the rest is history.

As of today, Mira has a new dad and two broken hearts are happy once more.


Happily ever after!
Happily ever after!



244 thoughts on “Into the Loving Arms of Her New Dad”

  1. It just really irritates me when people don’t take into consideration the feelings of these animals. Think how hurt this poor pup was. She was with someone she thought would take care of her, but instead he just dumped her at another shelter.
    Yes, I’m going to judge harshly because people don’t realize taking care of an animal is a commitment and if you can’t commit to it, DON’T TAKE ON THE RESPONSIBILITY!!!!
    Thank you to that wonderful man who had a heart and cared.

    • Cathey. I know people get angry when owners take their animals to the shelter, but sometimes circumstances dictate it. I was laid off from my job 2 years ago after working full-time for 35 years. I never expected it. I have 3 cats that I rescued from the shelter and have luckily been able to keep them, but I know that if I didn’t have savings behind me to get through this extended period of unemployment, I would really have to consider the shelter option if I didn’t have friends who could take them. I would rather die than lose my pets. They are my family, but it is possible that I could have to make that hard decision if I don’t start earning money. The economy is really bad for many and many people have had to make the difficult choice of surrendering their animals to the local shelter.

      • I think the problem is, Wally, that many animal lovers view their pets as their children. Many commenters have shared stories of homelesness, health issues, and other circumstances which forced them to surrender their pets. However, if instead of pets they had been human children, what would have been the solution? Even more interesting, if the children had been adopted, would they have given them back? Technically, it’s the same kind of commitment, having/adopting a child and adopting a pet, except, when things get tough, children are usually seen as too precious and loved to give up, whereas pets are seen as something you can leave behind.

        Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not judging those who do give up their pets. I would rather they give them up to shelters than leaving them on the streets to die. I’m only giving an explanation of why so many animal lovers do not take kindly to it. What I *do* judge is people trying to justify their actions with these sob stories about how they were suffering so much and had to make the decision and they still cry about it. If you’re going to make the decision, then make it, and own it. Don’t try to justify your actions and convince others of how it was the right choice by playing into their emotions with your sad life story. It sounds more like you’re trying to convince yourself that it was the right choice.

  2. Sorry, but I will judge. I am 63 yrs old and have had dogs all my life. I’ve been homeless, I’ve lived in my car for over 2 months (with a 100 lbs GSD & 1 cat), I’ve been broke, I’ve moved literally dozens of times and lived in junky apts. and houses as long as they would let me keep my pets. In all those years I’ve “surrendered” one animal…a cat. I gave him to a neighbor when I had to return home to care for my mother who had cancer and she didn’t want a cat in the house.

    There is simply no excuse for abandoning your friend. Period. They will not abandon you, will they? The least we can do is match their level of devotion. As for pits…love ’em!! My 4th Pit is currently sleeping next to me (under the covers) while I write this. Glad Mira found someone worth her love…

    • It’s funny you are so willing to “judge” someone else who’s side of the story you know nothing about. Yet you openly admit you’ve done the exact same thing. Granted you didn’t take your cat to a shelter, but you STILL abandoned him. Just because you knew the person you dumped him off to, doesn’t change that fact.

      You claim you would do anything for your pets, live on the streets, in junky apartments, etc. You faced a circumstance in which you had to abandon your cat, could the owner in the story not have faced a similar situation? We are only seeing the story from the side of the shelter worker who may or may not be telling the ENTIRE story, or at the very least is a bit biased.

      Your mother did not want a cat in the house. Did you really do everything you could not to ABANDON it? Could you not have rented an apartment nearby that accepted cats? Could you not have lived in your car in the driveway of your mother’s home? A tent in her backyard perhaps? Sell your car for a pop-up trailer to live in?

      Obviously since Mira was so bonded with the gentleman, she had been well taken care of. Just like you, he faced a tough decision and had to do what he felt was best. I doubt he’s out there judging you as harshly as you seem to be judging him.

    • I too have a pit and had to move from Georgia to Indiana–my girl do not like riding in my car–not even the short distance to the vet–she simply could not get use to the motion–when I was forced to move to another state, leaving her was not an option–the vet gave me something to help keep her calm during the ride–we made it 600 miles in my car with very little incidents–we are happily adjusting to Indiana’s changing weather together.

    • It may be too tough for some of us especially women in the 21st century to do or accomplish but I like your words…

    • I would like to add….I have read all the stories and can sympathize with everyone. However, the love I have for my dogs and cats is unconditional. I would NEVER send one off to a so called shelter to linger and die. They have feelings like all off us. And, until you have been to one of these shelters and seen the poor souls there you would never think of leaving someone you loved there. I am sorry, I would NEVER do that, never ever. I have a responsibility to them. They are helpless like children. So, those of you who have been in a situation you think you had no choice but do dump an animal there…shame on you! All you thought about was yourself…never thinking of the pain and emotional anguish your poor baby was going through as you turned and walked away…leaving them in the hands of strangers would do not care!

      • I completely agree. Your dogs would much rather be with you while you struggle than be locked in a tiny, lonely cage all day and night with no love, abandoned. I don’t see how people don’t understand this. Nothing could ever happen to make me give up my dogs….they are my children!

  3. I had two Siamese cats both from kittens that I loved like children. Their unconditional
    love was amazing. They went through an adjustment period when I had a child but with extra love and attention they soon adjusted. Both lived full happy long lives and died of natural causes a year apart, both in my arms. Years later I still grieve for their loss. There is nothing I would rather do than get two more siamese cats hopefully from a shelter or rescue organization. However, I am not in a financial situation to know without a doubt that I can provide medical care and provide them with a forever home. Therefore, I have vowed, as much as I want to, to never take in an animal I can’t guarantee a secure life. I’m not a saint, just a regular woman who is thinking of the animal first before my own desires and wants. I hope my post reaches someone who after reading this heartwarming story doesn’t run out and adopt a pet without asking themselves, can I guarantee the pet, to the best of my ability a forever home.

  4. To all you wonderful pet lovers: Lost my (baby) choc.lab after15 great years, she died in my arms just from old age. I thought I would die too. You should all know about a place called: “In the light urns”. They will send you a pamphlet of all the beautiful “urns”, I have her with me every single day around my neck. I have a lot of beautiful, expensive jewelry, & this is the only piece I cherish & wear every day, she is as close as can be to my heart. It took me two years to adopt a wonderful shelter dog, her name is “Taylor-belle” & I didn’t find out til months later when my husband told me “she was going to be put down the very next day”, he knew I’d be soo upset! We will meet our loved “ones” again & be together forever…

  5. I commend all that have a heart regarding these pets.. these dogs-cats become very close to my heart ,I loved each and everyone of them that have been a part of my life.
    My dogs & cats were all I had some times,it really break my heart when I hear or see the cruelty that people bestow on them. I lost my last pet due to age & illness , believe , or it seem as though I cant ever give him up, had him 14 years . He was with me through some rough times in my life stayed by my side and loved me through all. I miss him so much.

  6. Yes, we do not know the circumstances behind why the former owner had to bring his dog to the shelter however, I totally agree that he was responsible in doing so. I feed a large colony of abandoned cats behind the local supermarket. I can tell that they were once someone’s pet, dumped by careless owners who think that they are expendable! I feed them daily and now they have warm houses for the bad weather. I have even brought a few of the sick ones home and made them house kitties. The shelter does its best to find homes but it all comes down to spaying and neutering to bring this heartbreaking issue to an end!


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