Investigation into Abuse at Shelter After Video Surfaces

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A video coming out of an animal shelter in Hesperia, California has launched an investigation into mistreatment and abuse.  The video shows a dog being dragged down a hallway by a leash, and is causing quite a bit of uproar both locally and across the nation.

The video in question shows a woman dragging a dog by a leash down a hallway at the shelter in question.  It was taken by someone then posted to the internet, where the public outcry became too much for law enforcement to ignore.

Hesperia Mayor Eric Schmidt has called a special city council meeting.  Its aim is to address public concern and outrage over the video, and what the investigation will cover.

“I assure you that appropriate action will be taken. The city is committed to the fair and humane treatment of animals. I’m not able to answer any question at this time regarding the incident, but I do want to reiterate that we understand the seriousness of the incident and extend our sincerest apologies,” said Schmidt at a news conference held this past Saturday.  The city council meeting is today.

Tracie Carpenter is the human mom to the dog in the video.  Mia is the dog’s name, and it’s easy to see why she’s not happy about the treatment of her furry family member.  Mia had got loose from her front yard, and was picked up by animal control.

“They insisted on spaying her. We agreed, paid the almost $300 fees and picked her up at about 2:30 p.m. on the 13th,” Carpenter said.

Mia is now home with her humans, and more information will follow, as it’s received.

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  1. They All think they can Do it . Because NO ONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT THIS ABUSE !!!
    ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!°

  2. If the people that work at the shelters do this it seems there is no hope, they are supposed to offer them help not add to their misery…..she needs firing the horrible person (n that is being polite)

  3. So glad the dog is back home w owners.. and if this were my dog i would not stop until this pos is fired then drag her ass like that down the hallway

  4. Amy Hall. Look at this crap. 2 other people are still having a converstaion like it’s no big deal. Wonder how they would like it if they were dragged down the hall on a leash? SMH!


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