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June Squibb: A Senior Who “Knows How To Make The Most Out of Life”

by Amy Drew

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June Squibb 2
ADOPTABLE: Would you look at this face?! June Squibb, 12, is waiting for a very special forever home. Could it be yours? Photo: Hilary Benas Photography


June Squibb was a special case from the start for the folks at Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.

This Maltese mix had one loving and adoring home her whole life until her human became terminally ill. Things were daunting to be sure, but when their home burned down, June’s owner had to move into a facility where pets were not allowed. Their veterinarian stepped in to help find a rescue that would take June in.


June Squibb 3
She’s been through so much, but rescuers say June Squibb is always up for fun. What a cute smile!


She was 12 at the time and had multiple conditions including Cushing’s disease, hypothyroidism and the small, old-age growths so often seen in senior dogs. She also had sialoceles (a large fluid-filled pouch on her neck), which could necessitate a serious surgery, but that didn’t stop the committed folks at BBAR from taking June Squibb in.

Since then, JS has had numerous procedures — including the removal of her salivary glands — but thanks to a grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization, there was never a worry she wouldn’t get the care she needed.

Through all of this, June has remained a fun and loving girl!


June Squibb 6
Are you in the NYC metro area? Consider adopting this sweet senior floof through Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. Photo: Rachel Eve Photography


Volunteers say she is always up for a walk, some play time, and petting — and that she’s worth all the work and deserves the best and so that’s what they’re trying to give her.

Miss Squibb knows how to make the most of life, including enjoying any weather New York throws at her. As a senior lady, she knows what she wants, and she won’t stop until she finds the perfect forever family.

Because of her health issues, she needs to find the perfect fit for her forever home.
For more information, visit Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue’s website.