132 thoughts on “Just a Dog?”

  1. Simply beautiful and it made me cry. As a proud Mom of 4 (3 golden retrievers and one Bernese Mountain dog), they have the best I can give everyday. Thank you for this 🙂

  2. Great video, well put together. A dog has never been “just a dog” in my life….I have always had a dog and they have helped me with a lot of problems, they have never let me down…been there to lick my tears…put a smile on my face when I have been down…..and been great companions, I still miss my dogs that are no longer with me (especially my first one that was called Pirate)

    Once again, great video and well thought out :-))

    Julie xx
    wags and licks from lucky

  3. My sweet girl makes me smile in some way every day. I can’t really understand “it’s just a dog”. She is joy, pure joy.

  4. He chews my shoes,pillows, books and knickers.
    She pees on the floor when I’m out!
    But when I look at them and think about what they do for me I stand a mile high look at the sky and thank God I’m alive!!!

  5. Glorious video! Beautifully composed. Very heart touching and heart warming. My dogs are the reason I get up every single day. There is no measure to the ways in which they touch and add to my life. Every dog I’ve ever been owned by, or helped in some way, actually, gave me more than I gave them. Thank you very much for sharing what we dog lovers know, but some humans don’t understand and are missing.


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