Just One Dog

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There are a slew of rescue and adoption videos made every year, and as much as we appreciate many of them, few will hold a candle to this touching tribute to one dog and the people who saved him.It is one of the most touching dog rescue videos of recent memory. Devastating, powerful, inspirational and heartwarming, this is a video worth sharing with those who truly understand.

Need a bigger happy ending? Go here for the rest of the story.

47 thoughts on “Just One Dog”

    • Stanley is living with an absolutely wonderful family now in BC Canada and is extremely healthy and happy..Thank u to all who helped to make Stanley’s life so much better!! Angels smile on u all!!

  1. I started crying and almost could not see the video. I am so glad he got a second chance. All he needs is love.

  2. i just love this good boy! what a strong lil guy.i hope & pray hes ok now & living a wonderfully joyous life! please let us all know how hes doing (pic to please,love to see that beautiful face again! :0)p) ~~~

  3. Kinda make u think about Shelby, the pittie girl that The Pittie Pack and Mona and the Mommy are helping now…Just one dog at a time!!!

    b safe,
    Rocky and mama!!


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