Just One Dog

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There are a slew of rescue and adoption videos made every year, and as much as we appreciate many of them, few will hold a candle to this touching tribute to one dog and the people who saved him.It is one of the most touching dog rescue videos of recent memory. Devastating, powerful, inspirational and heartwarming, this is a video worth sharing with those who truly understand.

Need a bigger happy ending? Go here for the rest of the story.

47 thoughts on “Just One Dog”

  1. God is good, and moves in mysterious ways! I sat and cried through this. Thank you to everyone who did that one thing and gave Stanley a new life!

  2. this is the best video ive seen in awhile.. it made me smile to see how many people helped this dog out and gave him a home.. its great to see that alot of people donated to get this dog some vet care.. watching this video made my day

  3. I was going to change my name to Stanley…but now that I know I can be special as a Holly, I think I’ll just keep that name. Buggers, thanks for running the rest of the story so we can see how it all turns out.

    You’re the best. If you tell anyone I said that, I’ll lie and deny it.

  4. that meant so much to me and it lets me know what type of people are in this world thank you animal rescue for saving them poor babies they really dont deserve it and it makes me so upset to see that that stuff is really out there who in their right mind would do that. we are so thankful for animal rescue. thank you guys and kepp them animals safe if i had money i would donate every dime to help animals like stanley im so glad that he had a good home and lives with people that love him. he deserves it with what hes been through and i hope that hes happy which he probably is again thank you animal rescue.


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