Loving Owner Turns Blind Eye to Rescued Dog’s Appearance

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Love is blind – and nobody knows this better than Rusty Fickes. His dog Lucky can only be described as unique: she’s missing most of the skin from her face, has no eyelids, and her teeth protrude at odd angles, likely due to a side effect of medications used to treat her when she was found.

The Corpus Christi, TX man has shared a home with Lucky for more than a decade since finding her in a ditch on the side of the road near death, covered in ants and starving. When he brought her to a local vet they urged him to let her go, reminding him that not every dog can be saved. Rusty ignored that advice, and the resulting tale of friendship, loyalty and compassion is nothing short of inspirational.

“Every dog deserves a chance,” he said.

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    • it says she’s been living with them for more than a decade and her appearance is likely the side effects of the medical treatment she HAD received. she’s been living a great life with a compassionate owner for the past 10 years since she was found in a ditch.

      • It is sad the medications had that side effect. I wonder what it was and why she needed it.
        Bless this man for not abandoning this dog. A true heart of compassion! Would that more humans felt the same as the world would be a better place.

  1. What a hero Rusty is, for persevering with Lucky, when the Vets told him to have her put to sleep. A decade on, and Lucky has had the best of care, and a wonderful quality of life. God Bless Lucky, and Rusty xx <3


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