Loyal friend stayed by abused dog’s side until they were rescued

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Thanks to a good samaritan, a badly abused dog is being given a chance to survive after being found in a dumpster in Dallas.  The dog, who has been named Java, was emaciated  and strangely had a metal can around it’s neck.  The can had been on for some time and as the dog grew it had cut into her ears.  But Java was not alone as another dog was with her, watching over Java, and they were rescued together.

The samaritan, who did not want to be named, brought the pair to Dallas Animal Services on Sunday.  The second dog, a shepherd mix who has been named Joshua, was uninjured.  After the can was cut off Java was sent to Metro Paws Animal Hospital for treatment, but the prognosis is uncertain.  “The next few days are critical,” according to a post on Animal Services Facebook page. “We have to get her stable enough for surgery and watch out for organ failure due to her starved condition. But that tail is wagging.”

As of this morning Java was alert and eating, but will need extensive care and love to get healthy again, and eventually will need a foster home to help nurture her back to normal.  Following that, if all goes well, she will be up for adoption.  Joshua, who stayed by poor Java’s side through her ordeal, is healthy and is still at animal services but the shelter is full and he needs a foster home as soon as possible.  His identification number is A750714 and he’ll be available Thursday, if not before.

Anyone interested in making a donation towards Java’s veterinary expenses can do so by calling MetroPaws at 214-887-1400, or through the Animal Allies of Texas website at http://www.animalalliesoftexas.org/donations/

21 thoughts on “Loyal friend stayed by abused dog’s side until they were rescued”

  1. Dammit, I am so sick and tired of these stories, what the hell is wrong with people and just HOW CAN THEY DO THESE THINGS, I cannot fathom what went that wrong in their lives to make them feel justified in bringing pain and terror to these innocent animals, I wish I could grab them all by the neck and shake them til their insides are outside and they are a threat, a menace, a sicko, a pervert no longer. Til they’re just dead.

    • I so agree! I am so sick of the abuse animals suffer. We need laws that will make them think twice. I think what ever it done to the animal should be done to the abuser.

  2. Please keep those dogs together! They have obviously created a bond and should not be seperated. Surely, someone would adopt them as a pair? I would strongly consider it myself to keep them together. Please let me know!

  3. Praying someone adopts Joshua before the dog is another casualty of the mass killing of dogs and cats at America’s shelters.

    Note that the article said the shelter is full and that is code for ‘they will be killing to make room’. Texas ‘shelters’ kill a lot of dogs every day. Every day is the holocaust for dogs and cats in this country due to irresponsible and selfish humans.

    Shame on people who don’t take proper care of their dogs and let them roam or leave them outside and allow them to breed. That is also a form of abuse!

  4. Joshua loved Java enough to stay with her. Animals form a bond with each other,just as people do.I would keep them together if I were the vet.I know Java is scarred of people.What has been done to her is a crime!! Are there no cameras in the city where she was THROWN into a dumpster!! You know that was a horrible injury alone,minus the damn can growing into her precious ears,she was starving,and probably beaten!! Joshua has more compassion than her owners do, and more sense.I would love to have both of them,but we are rarely home.I will send money for food for them,,,IF someone will allow Joshua to stay with Java.PLEASE,DO NOT ALLOW JOSHUA TO BE IN A POUND!! HE saved a life, please save him.Let me know through personal message.God bless you.

  5. Can they possibly get finger prints off the can that was around the neck? Can they then get the POS that did this and do the same to him/her? Can we pray that this would come to pass?


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