Man Arrested After Surveillance Catches Him Throwing Puppies

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The circle on the left shows the jogger.  The circle on the right is one of the puppies, mid-air.
The circle on the left shows the jogger. The circle on the right is one of the puppies, mid-air.


A 55-year-old jogger in southern Italy was arrested for animal abuse after he was caught throwing three puppies over a wall onto the ground below.

Unfortunately, the man’s identity has not been released, so the public cannot shame him yet, but his vicious act was caught by a surveillance video camera, enabling police to determine who he was.

Beginning at about three minutes into the video, we can (kind of) see a man jogging through the town of Lecce. Three puppies playfully chase after him. The man stops to scoop up one of the pups, and practically hammer throws him over a stone wall. The puppy, struggling to move, likely cries out and garners the attention of two adult dogs on the property, who immediately come bounding over and tend to the puppy.

The man waits for the second curious puppy to approach, and delivers the same violent treatment. He walks back in the direction he came, appearing to pet the third puppy. A minute later, he is back in the frame, with the unassuming puppy still tagging along. Back out of frame, the man grabs the puppy, walks back to the same area where he threw the other two, and launches the third.

The man reportedly told police he threw the dogs because they annoyed him while he jogged.

Though injured, the puppies survived, and are currently being cared for by the owner of the property onto which they were thrown.


Watch at your own risk.


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  1. This is awful! I’m really speechless! I hope the police arrest him and put him in jail. I know,he would deserve a worse treatment but for once I just want to see law do something against this kind of people…it really is time they pay for crimes against animals because in Italy they usually don’t. And I’m saying this because I’m Italian myself.


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