Man Arrested for Beating Pit Bull Puppy in Elevator

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*UPDATE 8-24-11:   Max is now available for adoption from the Manhattan Animal Care & Control shelter in NYC. His  ID # is 897764.

NYC Police have arrested Irving Sanchez on charges of animal cruelty after surveillance cameras recorded him abusing a dog in the elevator of his apartment building.

The 46-year-old East Harlem man can be seen repeatedly yanking the dog by its leash, throwing it about the elevator before beating it with its own leash as it cowered in fear. Police monitoring security cameras noticed the attack taking place in the Wagner Houses around 9 p.m. Sunday.

Max (the puppy) is currently in the custody of Animal Care and Control and will be available for adoption in the near future. Irving Sanchez will face charges of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Warning: graphic content

58 thoughts on “Man Arrested for Beating Pit Bull Puppy in Elevator”

  1. I think saying someone needs to get shot is going too far. I think he needs to spend a minimum of 5 years in prison. What he did was evil. But i am against the death penalty.

    Pits do have a bad rep. It is unfair. But i love how people love to blame just the owners for this rather than the genetics. Lets be honest. Pits like several other dogs, including dalmations, are genetically predisposed to being stronger and more agressive breeds. By agressive i do not necesarily mean violent. There are things that owners can do to keep their dogs from becoming violent. Such as, one must be a very strong and a very experienced dog handler. A pit in my hands, though i would have the best of intentions, would only wind up a threat to society. They can be fed a diet that is low in certain things to also curb the naturally agressive tendencies that they have. In addition, really good training is necesary. A good dog handler and a responsible, dedicated and experienced owner can make such a huge difference.

    I personally feel, that all the more agressive breeds, yes once again including dalmations, the most agressive dog in the world actually, (no other dog will run directly at and into fire.) a potential owner of an agressive breed should have to go through special training and earn some kind of license to own a dog like this. I have no problem with these dogs in capable hands. But lets be truthful, there are also other factors often also involved with these dogs going bad. Then, to top it off often you have owners that just want to fight them…. Which is sick and criminal.

    • What you are saying has been proven to be untrue. They are actually more mild tempered than many other breeds. The video demonstrates what some humans will do to get a “bad dog.” Look it up and educate yourself. And please, stick to your evaluation of yourself with a pit and don’t get one. You sound intimidated. If that’s the case, there are possibly a lot of breeds you are not suited for including small terriers.

      • Please for laughing out loud….i had a doberman who was the tallest dog ever and the biggest pussycat in the world…i am just 5’2″ tall and handled him very ablely. People are rotten not animals.

    • Donna, you don’t have a clue about pit bulls so until you do, stop putting the breed down. They’re purpose is not to fight, they’re purpose is to be loved and treated with respect like all breeds of dogs. They are one of the most gentle and loving breeds there are. Get a clue before you say anything about a breed you have no idea about.

    • Nonsense.
      i have 2 pits, a lab and bichon, the most vicious one is the bichon.
      Pits are protectors, they are sweet, senisitive, caring, animals and will defend the ones they love.

    • So wrong…u need to do some more research on Pitbulls before you go saying this kind of crap about them. True, they were bred as fighters, but they were bred to fight and be aggressive towards DOGS NOT HUMANS. They do not think about killing 24/7! They are actually thinking about a way they can please their owners. You do NOT have to train anything out of them except maybe their aggressiveness against dogs (if they are aggressive towards dogs). Tell you the truth, a Pitbull can be as good and maybe even better than ANY English Bull Terrier. Pitbulls aim to please, they DO NOT aim to kill!!!!!!!!

    • my brother had a pit and it was the most lovable, well behaved dog. They are not all fight fight fight. Any dog can be mean and it doesn’t even matter how it’s treated. I had a Lab mix and it was ok for a little while then it got mean , and I didn’t do anything to make it mean.I’ve had many different dogs and always tried to take care of them the best I could because I love dogs, most where good dogs some weren’t so good.

    • Anonymous, I’m sorry but you don’t know what you are talking about. Do your research before putting down pit bulls. They were originally bred as nanny dogs. Their temperaments are good. BUT……….when you are TAUGHT to be mean and aggressive (AS this man was doing) this is what you will know and this is when these dogs become aggressive. If a dog lives with kindness and love it will reflect in his temperament. It is ignorant comments like yours that give the breeds their bad names. Do your research before you open your mouth!

    • Donna, again as I wrote on anonymous’ comment, do your research before you post ignorant comments about these dogs. It’s idiot owners that make these dogs into aggressive animals not their breeding. It is people like you that continue to give good dogs a b

    • Donna,
      I will say to you the same I said to anonymous. Do your research before you start knocking these dogs. They were originally bred to be nanny dogs due to their great temperament. It is idiot owners who train these dogs to be agrressive. Ignorant comments like this continue to give this breed a bad rap and perpetuates the myth that they are fighters.

    • I will agree with you on the sick and criminal part but you are beyond wrong on the rest of your information about Pits. UTTERLY WRONG. They are wonderful dogs. Their strength and muscularity has been turned against them by the jackasses that use them for their own pleasure.

    • WOW Donna really!!!!
      Do you know anything about pitts? They were nanny dogs and served in the military, before they became popular. They are not called Pitts because they fight in a pit.
      Fighting is not their “nature”, being loyal IS, that is why a holes trained them to fight, because they are so loyal. The media has them so hyped up as “bad” that’s why criminals prey on pitts.
      I am not a professional trainer, but I have had pitts my whole life. I don’t “train” the aggressiveness out of them. They are raised like any other dog. We have 2 pitts a chihuahua and 2 cats, my pitts are social and love kids.
      If your theory was true and pitts are vicious and can “turn” on a dime then don’t you think the dog in the video would have attacked his owner?
      Here is some research on YOUR dog
      If ignored, Bull Terriers will become bored, and mischief will surely follow. Youngsters who are neglected can be especially rambunctious: happily devouring your furniture, excavating great caverns in your yard, and spinning in dizzy circles, chasing their tails obsessively.

      Most Bullies greet strangers with enthusiastic bounding (often knocking the guest over) and face kissing. However, aggression and timidity are present in some lines, and early socialization is important to develop a stable attitude.

      A Bull Terrier should not be kept with another dog of the same sex, and cats may or may not be safe. Bull Terriers can be very possessive of their food — do not allow another pet or a child to approach a Bull Terrier when he is eating..

      Kind of the same thing said about pitts.
      If you get a pitt as a puppy and any other bread of puppy at the same time and raise them side by side.I promise you the way you handle them good or bad,they will act the same until they both die.

  2. It pains me to say this but if that puppy was taken to the ACC in New York he may not be alive right now. If he is then they will surely find something wrong with him so that they can put him down. In the month of April alone they put down more than 200 dogs..for coughs or because they didn’t react the way they should’ve to a strange dog there. On Facebook there is a group called Urgent part 2. It has dogs on there that are going to be put down the next day…from as little as 10 dogs to as many as one day. These people will find any reason to kill a dog rather than find it a good home. Please take the time to check this will make you sick at the stuff they do and get away with.

  3. Thank goodness this was found out. I’m sure the dog was treated like this all the time. This man should spend time in prison especially if he gets with dog lovers in prison too. They definitely will not like him if they find out what he is charged with the abuse of a dog.

  4. It won’t play for me, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. I think I get the idea. Glad this guy at least had the decency to do it on camera so they didn’t have to go looking for him……. oh brother.


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