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Matted Dog Unable to Walk Regains Mobility

by Katherine

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In Denton, Texas, a 14-year-old poodle named Ginger was rescued from a hoarder situation. The neglect on the dog had gone untreated for so long that the dog’s hair had not been groomed in years and Ginger’s nails had never been cut. Ginger’s hair became so badly matted, the canine was unable to move, walk or drink water.

According to a Web Pro News report, the City of Denton Animal Shelter rescued Ginger and groomed her. She is now able to walk and live life happy once again.

Photo Credit: City of Denton Animal Shelter
Photo Credit: City of Denton Animal Shelter


“The dog had never been outside. It had never been groomed,” said Kennel supervisor Gayla Nelson.

After being groomed, Ginger regained mobility and appeared full of energy. The dog was ready to sniff and greet everyone at the facility.

Stacy Smith of Flower Mound Veterinary Hospital said that Ginger was dehydrated because the hair had grown into her mouth and this enabled her to take in liquids.

“Her mouth is a big concern,” said Smith. “It was so bad that when they shaved her, junk was still in there.”

Ginger made a full recovery. You can read her full story here.

Here is a video of Ginger walking again. You can also see more pictures of Ginger’s before and after look here.