Neglected Toddler Found Wandering City Streets with Family Dog by Her Side

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A Lincoln, Nebraska toddler is home safe after being found wandering the city’s streets with her loyal family dog at her side. Capt. David Beggs said the 2-year-old girl was spotted outside the Sun Mart on 17th and South streets just after 1 a.m. Sunday.

When asked if she could identify herself or her parents, the young child could only repeat the word ‘mommy’. While she clung to the leash of the friend who had guided her, police set out on foot in an attempt to find a nearby home with an open door, but were unsuccessful. The child’s home was located in a matter of hours after police identified her parents from an earlier neglect case.

Beggs said the parents were cited (again) for misdemeanor child neglect before the girl was returned to them. The dog was relinquished to animal control.  Beggs said if the parents wanted the dog back they would have to retrieve it themselves. Whether or not they have claimed the dog is unknown.

183 thoughts on “Neglected Toddler Found Wandering City Streets with Family Dog by Her Side”

  1. What is bizarre and somewhat backwards about this story is the dog was removed from the bad home but the toddler was returned to the bad home…story says the parents were cited “again” for child neglect/endangerment or whatever. I am glad the dog was removed (I guess??) but since it will probably be euthanized I am not sure it is in a better place now – this is a weird story.

  2. The poor dog will probably pay the ultimate price. Child should have been put in care along with her dog by her side


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