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No one can resist this rescue pup’s expressive face!

by Amy Drew

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Seriously, look at this face.

Is it love at first sight? Do you want to take him home?

You’re in good company. Bacon’s more than 16,000 Instagram followers likely feel the same.

“Hey there young whippersnappers!” his IG reads, “I’m Old Man Bacon, but don’t you dare touch my beard! I’m a rescue Peke/Doxie/Chi, now get off my lawn!”

Bacon’s striking features — big, round green eyes, that great hipster beard and a winning smile (when he’s smiling) among them — are winning folks over. They give him an exceedingly human and wonderfully expressive face that we can’t get enough of.


PUPdate: he loved the cake!

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Alarmed by the smell of his own toot

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How it feels going back to work after the long weekend ?

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When you break your diet and savor every last morsel of pizza ?

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Bacon’s many faces resonate. We feel these emotions, too. But don’t stress. Bacon’s family reports that he is a very happy guy. Per Get Leashed Magazine, Bacon was adopted more than a year ago and lives happily in Florida.