Nutro Dog Food Reviews

by Lilly

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Nutro dog food is made with real, non-GMO ingredients. It’s a great choice to feed your dog because there are no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors used. Nutro also avoids the use of chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat or soy protein to help dogs easily digest their food and prevent the occurrence of stomach sensitivities.

Nutro dog food has lots of foods for you to choose from when picking out a new dog food for your pet. There are options for pretty much any age of dog and most health conditions. They have 39 dry foods, 27 wet foods and 25 types of treats. Their four main recipes of dry food are Nutro Wholesome Essentials, Nutro Ultra, Grain Free and Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet. They do not have a line of prescription dog food but are vet-recommended for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Nutro dog food is recommended by 96% of reviews on chewy.com and got a 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


Around 2016, Nutro’s dog food reputation was dampened a bit because of their company being taken over by Mars Inc. The biggest problem that occurred was that the ingredients in their Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Dry Dog Food Pasture-Fed Lamb and Rice Recipe changed. Originally, this specific dog food had no chicken in it and was a go-to food for pet owners whose dogs had chicken allergies, using it for years.


After the change was made, a significant amount of chicken was added to the dog food. Enough was added to make it the second ingredient listed. The company was reluctant to notify customers of the change in ingredients, causing those dogs with allergies to have bad reactions, making a lot of people upset and some had to switch dog food.

Allergies weren’t the only issue. The sudden change in ingredients caused some dogs to experience pain and diarrhea.

Fortunately, not all of the changes that Mars Inc. made to the Nutro brand were bad. Nutro dog food became absolutely loved by small breed dog owners. They love the fact that their dog digs into the food as soon as it’s given to them and are satisfied by it. A lot of small breed dogs are picky about the food that they eat and will rarely take well to brands, so this is a huge success for pet owners.

Mars Inc. is a huge brand. They are responsible for 42 different brands of pet food globally and are continuing to grow and be successful. Mars Inc. owns Nutro dog food as well as Cesar, Iams, Pedigree, Royal Canin and many other brands, all of which are leading pet food brands.

Nutro Treats Reviews

Nutro makes different types of treats; there’s Crunchy ones, Chewy ones, Moist-n-Chewy, Mini Bites and Biscuits that are for particular uses. Biscuits are made for Tartar Control, Small Breed Adult Dogs, Skin & Coat, Sensitive Stomach, Senior Dogs and Puppy Development.


One of the most popular treats made by Nutro is the Nutro Crunchy Treats with Real Peanut Butter. It’s loved by all sorts of breeds of dogs, according to customer reviews. On the Nutro company website, there’s only one bad review that was made by a customer saying that the treats made their dog vomit every time they tried giving them some of the treats. Remember that all dogs are different and that some respond to ingredients and flavors better than others.

On Amazon, some complained that a good portion of the treats in the bag were crumbled or not fully intact, but they still loved the treats, and their dogs loved the taste of them. They were just upset that they paid for broken treats, although, they are reasonably cheap.

The rest of the reviews are positive, and many people complimented the all-natural ingredients used in the Peanut Butter treats. The mixed berry flavor of the Nutro Crunchy Treats is a big hit as well. They’re flavored with blueberries, cranberries, cherries, and other berry flavors and have only five calories per piece.

Other Customer Reviews

One of the funny coincidences that occurred in the reviews made by customers is that, for some reason, large breed dogs love the taste of the small bites dry food made by Nutro. Several people were in agreeance with each other about this because they noticed that their bigger dog wasn’t taking well to the Large Breed formula food but was always wanting their smaller dog’s food.

You can use the small-bites formula for your large breed dog, just be aware that they will most likely need very large quantities of it, and it may cause them to be lacking in some nutrients since it’s made for smaller dogs.


The price of Nutro dog food varies significantly between the different types. The Nutra Ultra dry dog food line and the Nutro Max dry dog food line are the most expensive out of all of them. If you get a bigger bag, such as a 30 lb. one, it’s going to cost much more than one of the smaller bags that the puppy food comes in.

Dry Dog FoodsPuppyAdultLarge Breed AdultSenior
Wholesome Essentials$30.92$49.92$49.92$49.92
Limited Ingredient DietNot Available$57.99$57.99$28.99
Grain FreeNot Available$38.99$52.99Not Available

Nutro dog food costs are average. They’re not super cheap, but also not super expensive. Not many customers who bought this brand and reviewed it complained about the price; instead, they were happy about the low prices. This is one of the few all-natural dog food brands that you can get for a decently low price.

Overall, Nutro has good reviews for their wet and dry dog foods and treats with very little bad ones. Their best dry dog food is the Nutro Ultra Adult Dry Dog Food, and the best treats are the Nutro Crunchy Treats made with Real Peanut Butter. Nutro has dog foods for every need and age of dog.