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Officer Fights City for Right to Adopt Canine Partner


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When Inkster Police Officer Daniel Schewe was laid-off with 19 other officers after massive budget cuts, he turned in his badge, his weapon, and his devoted canine partner. When he asked if he could adopt the dog, the city told him to hand over $2000.

“I haven’t even received my first unemployment check and they’re contacting me to pay $2,000 for my partner. And I told myself if they come to get him, they’re taking me too. I’m sorry, he’s mine,” Schewe says.

Schewe said separating the dog from his partner is unacceptable – so he’s fighting the city for the right to adopt him. “I couldn’t see myself just saying ‘well, I’m laid-off. Here’s my gun, badge and you can take the dog too’, I’m sorry, he’s mine,” Schewe tells 7 Action News.

At first, the city ignored his requests to reconsider. The commited dog lover did not relent, and good news came late Thursday afternoon when the city offered to withhold comp time pay he had coming to him in exchange for Xander.