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Ohio’s bravest! Firefighters revive dog overcome by smoke in house fire

by Amy Drew

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Columbus firefighters helped bring a dog back to life yesterday after he was pulled from a smoky house fire.

Neighbor Todd Buccilla came outside to see what was going on: “I seen the house was on fire and smoke and I seen a dog laying on the front porch,” he told NBC4 reporters. “He was just limp.”

Buccilla took dramatic video as firefighters worked to revive Max.

“I just started filming where they did CPR on the dog and after a few minutes you could see the dog started coming around. I mean he was pretty much gone it looked like.”

Max’s story has a happy ending. After being given oxygen and revived from unconsiousness, paramedics started an IV and took him to a local vet.

No others were hurt in the fire.